Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Poor and Rich people rules

I am not original here - these rules were created by Robert Kiyosaki.

I just transform and rephrase the logic here.

  1. Poor people minimize mistakes and failures. Rich people maximize mistakes and failures. Rich people know: the more shots are done, the more the probability to hit the target. The more shots are done, the more experience we got.
  2. Poor people regret their failures, they hesitate to talk about failures of the past. Poor people are proud of their failures. 
  3. Poor people value money. Rich people value time. That's why poor people sell their time for money - they apply for a job. Rich people spend time to learn and practice, even if they are not paid for that.
  4. Poor people run from their fear. Rich people go to their fear. Poor people are afraid of failures supra. Rich people intend to fail.
  5. Poor people are looking for stability. Rich people are looking for changes. Poor people have a fear of change, they run away from the fear supra.
  6. Poor people fight their dreams. Rich people unleash their dreams. Poor people are afraid to dream: they don't want to get disappointed.
  7. Poor people fight, hate and retaliate. Rich people forgive. Poor people consider a conflict as a personal danger. Rich people consider a conflict as a lesson. Unlike the university course, a lesson given by life is free. So rich people intend to take as much lessons as they can.
  8. Poor people criticize others. Rich people criticize themselves. Rich people don't hesitate to admit their own failures. Say understand, they learn from failures. The more failures they make the more they learn. Poor people don't want others to know their low status. Thus, they criticize others to increase their own status.

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