Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why get up early

Why to get up early in the morning?
Our performance undoubtely depends on the performance of other people surrounding us. ALone we can do nothing. Or almost nothing. Or just a bit. Using leverage of other people our power can be multiplied. Other people can help, advice, refer etc... 
So only in the early morning we can call a lot of people, ask them something. What can I do at night? Writing emails? Who will answer them immediately?
Waking up at 6 am I can spend 2-3 hours for working alone and then make a lot of calls. Of course I call simultaneously with doing some home work (cleaning and etc) with my amazing hands-free devise.

Food is a fuel

We need to consider food as a fuel. And nothing else. It gives us energy. And construction components. And affects good or bad on our engine lifetime. Like fuel for car.
We need to forget such term as an appetite. It is nothing more than a drug effect, pleasure seeking. We have a lot of, hundreds and thousands other things in our life making pleasure for us. Food is just one of them.
Food should become only necessity in terms of health, energy and construction materials. If we exclude appetite then we can avoid harmful food, fat. We can become more thin, healthy, beautiful and ... happy despite on that we have no appetite pleasure.
Stop taking pleasure from lunch. Take pleasure from sport, love, arts, nature... 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What is beauty and design?

I mean what is real beauty and good design? Why one designer is good and another is bad? Why one dressing is beautiful and another is not?
Because all of that is very close to the term "natural". All of us as adjudicators of beauty have a vision of nature. We know how forest, grass and a river look like. Nature things are always beautiful for us. We will never call a bear or mockingbird ugly as a result of its shape or color or set of colors. Nature is the most professional and "natural" artist. That's why nature creatures are always beautiful.
So, any picture or dressing or spacecraft created by human should be beautiful only if they look like nature set of shapes and colors...

Monday, September 12, 2016

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fuzzy programming

I think future is fuzzy programming. Maths and programming today perform only certain match key => value. If I press Ctrl+F I can find "fuzzy" word on the page. But if I type "fuzziii" (making mistake) I cannot find 'fuzzy'.
Google already announced that future is machine learning. But this is only for user's search. What about means of manufacturing for programmers? Fuzzy debugging? If programmer makes a mistake PC can suggest 'did you mean...?'
So the idea is to create programming language with fuzzy means of debug.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Conceit and ego

There are a lot of things in our life that affect our conceit and ego. Sometimes other people intentionally affect our conceit. They try to manipulate us. It is bad of course. But usually it happens when we even don't know about it. That's why it is difficult to predict and prevent such cases. Thus, here we will not consider them.
But we will consider worse case. Sometimes we decrease our conceit ourselves like:
- When we meet some rich person while our income is low
- When we meet some thin person while we are fat
- ...
General statement is as follows: there is no reason ever to eliminate your ego. There is no reason to frustrate. There is no reason to be unhappy.
Why? Very simple. Because all of us will die. Nothing matters. Enjoy every moment of life. Ability to enjoy is more important than money or even health or beauty.
Everyone dies. Nothing is serious in this life.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Study with twitter

Codeacademy and chekio websites have a great success. Checkio allows to study by solving tasks. Codeacademy allows to study with:

  • immediate practice
  • by small steps
  • easy to understand
The same system could be developed by using Twitter principle. Imagine: user sees a post with max 140 letters saying something new about certain area of study like:
"How to create function which is simultaneously split text by words and sorts it?"
And then after user implemented it by himself, he presses the button and system says:
"Did you know that in Ruby this function is called..."
(of course there is no such function in Ruby, but there is nothing else in my head!)
Of course, like codeacademy, system should reward user with virtual achievements.

Templates in our life

How do we see new things in life? For everyone of us the new thing is just a combination of old things. That old things we call "templates".
Everyone has its own set of templates. World around us depend on the set of templates. 
Optimist considers even terrible things to be good. And pessimist does vice versa.
It is almost impossible to change templates of another person. It is very difficult to change vision of another people. This vision is based on values, templates.
But we can have a will to change our own templates. If we change our templates (or add new templates) we can make our vision and hence our life better.
The more templates we have the more easy process of study for us. Everything new is a just set of old templates.

What makes study process interesting?

Nobody likes boring theory. Nobody likes reading and studying new terms. The only guy who like it may be guy who wants drug that helps him to fall sleep. I dare to suppose that even Einstein did not like reading theory. I am sure Einstein was a human and like every human he should not like it.
Ok, but we still need to study. Without college diploma we would not get a good job. But what is more important: we would not do our job good. More and more work today in the 21st century require good education.
What to do? I think the decision is in another area... in sales. Sales resolves a good problem: how to sell to person something he don't like and don't need. Oh yes, sales can help us to learn better.
What is the main principle of sales? Before pitching something you need to create a need in the brain of your buyer. You need to create a problem in his head. A danger. A risk. And then your product just resolves that problem. "According to media publications and official government statistics the water in your area is not clean! It is very harmful for health of you and your children! You need to ... buy water filter of our company!"
Let's come back to study. Usually if we study something we are not sure about why do we need that, First year student of university never sure about what he will do with that stuff in 5 years. Then using sales theory we need to pose a problem.
Good teacher never starts lecture with terms and definitions. He starts his speech with a problem. With a question. "What would you do if you need to calculate average demand curve for every of 5 billions inhabitants of the planet in one hour?" Students start thinking. And in the end of the lecture teacher teaches some theory of computation algorithms.
But what if I have a bad teacher? What if I do not attend college? What if my company for today is just a boring book which I should read to improve my skills? Then everyone of us should be a teacher for ourselves. Self-teacher. Pose a problems and questions for yourself. Try to attach as more useful practice as you can to your study. Any subject can be interesting. The interest depends only on the approach for studying.
PS: a lot of posts in my blog use sales theory. They starts with either a problem or question :)

Why systems have disadvantages?

There are a lot of systems in the world today. Government, company, family - all of these are systems. Every system has its own rules and its management. But systems also have a lot of disadvantages. Rules are not perfect. And often these disadvantages are not fixed for years. Why?
Every member of the system knows about these disadvantages. And they are in place...
Because to fix lack of system rule is a role of management of a system. It is not a role of regular system member. Thus, when member sees that lack he is not interested in fixing it. He would save much more time and money just avoiding it.
So what is the decision? Management should create a system rule telling to members how to improve system. Members should be motivated to improve system. Members (which number is sometime millions) have much more eyes and brains than management. Wikipedia will always be the better source of knowledge than any other dictionary created by single professional company.
One way is a feedback. Another is benefits for those highlighting lack. I am sure there should be a third way which is the best. But I am not sure I know it...


Most time in our life is a routine. What we do in every moment? Talking, eating, cleaning teeth... Running, working, sleeping...
What distinguishes us from others?
We are like animals at the farm. Process of life for them is simple. And final goal is just simple death.
Who is our farm manager? Did anyone see him?

I think the only way is thinking. Thinking is what we have and what most animals (and many humans also) have simplified. Creating, dreaming, thinking - that is what makes life interesting.
You think that you are thinking to? No. We need to start think more. Scientists say our brain is used only for 5% of capacity. I think it is 0.005%.
Let's start thinking. Let's start learning. Let's start dreaming. And allow robots to clean your teeth.