Monday, April 22, 2019

Play with Jeff on Android

Amazon HR and Amazon Security told me many times: "Oleg, you are software engineer. Your job is not to protest. Your job is to develop the software". I explained to security, I am too sick to write a code again.

However, I heard their voices. I decided to follow their order and to switch activity for a while. I was inspired by the idea of England labor union. Another engineer helped me to implement this idea in Unity.

Coming soon on Android.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

My story at Amazon, with audio and video

In February of 2019, I published short text version of my story for the first time. Since then, a lot of things happened. I did hunger strike, public protests, there was a lot of fun.
But only now I publish full version of my story with video and audio - thanks to Adam Paradox podcast

Class action lawsuit against Amazon. How to sue Amazon almost not spending time and money

We are weak because we are lonely. But there are too many of us. That means, we are strong as soon as we are together. That's why Amazon is afraid of unions. That's why people intend to unionize. But the labor union is not the only way to get together against Amazon.

There is a legal way of fighting against illegal Amazon labor practices. And this legal way allows people to get together and stay and be strong together. This is called class action lawsuit.

Daily Mail news knew how to fight Amazon. Yes, I still associate Amazon with the behemoth.

Amazon commits not single random violations only. Amazon created a system of oppression. Oppression in Amazon is not the result of "bad managers" like in other companies. Amazon officially supports oppression because it is listed the Amazon policies. Thus, it affects not random employees only. Since it is a part of company manual, it applies to everybody.

Hence, number of people suffered as a result of law violations is much higher in Amazon. This number is much more higher than the number of lawsuits filed. Most people feel themselves alone. They cannot afford attorneys. They even don't know what is the name of the law prohibiting oppression, persecution and discrimination.

The solution is to get together. If there would be hundreds or thousands of victims of the same violation, they all will be represented by the same attorney. And every victim doesn't need to spend any resources for litigation.

Here are examples of Amazon violations applied to numerous employees:

  1. Prohibition of free speech at the "pivot" program. Free speech restriction itself is not a crime at work. But usually it is associated with multiple violations of other laws. For example in my case I was prohibited to speak about discrimination and retaliation. That means, it does not violate First Amendment (free speech right), but it does violate discrimination laws.
  2. Prohibition to unionize. Amazon retaliates against most employees attempting to unionize. Right to unionize is granted by state and federal laws.
  3. Amazon does not prohibit discrimination based on association with disabled relative. There is no centralized Amazon policy about that, hence none of employees are protected.
  4. etc
There could be numerous examples of "class actions". If you believe you suffered as a result of legal wrong and this violation applies to others also, please send your brief to my Facebook.

I don't know when will it happen. Number of 5, 10 and even 20 is to small for class action. But as soon as we collect hundreds victims, we will start fight in a courtroom. 
Of course, nobody can guarantee the result. But we lose nothing. Class action lawsuit does not require to spend any significant resources (money and time) by everyone. Instead, in case of victory you can get relief from unfair practice: reinstatement to your job, compensation of salaries lost illegally etc.

I am not a lawyer and I cannot give legal advise here. But this post is not about legal advice. This post is about how to easily get a lawyer almost without spending sources and with a great probability to win.

The best way to see real Amazon working conditions:

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