Sunday, June 5, 2022

Recently I heard course of Robert Sapolsky about the human behavior biology. I cannot say the course is great. Most lectures are boring or have no useful structure. There are few pearls though. Some genes become active only under certain circumstances. For example, in case of cold winter, freeze-resistant gene could activate. So we never know what genes are not activated yet in our body. We never know when e. g. genius gene would be activated.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Motivation for startup


Nobody pays me at start...

This is the nature for startups. This is very natural for startups. If startup would pay us since the day one, all the full time workers would resign and start their own business. However they don't.

To get something we need to first give something. To get a big success, we need to learn via multiple (and often numerous) failures.

By some weird way, efficiency of work with computer increases when I turn on the electric light in the room, even during the day time while sine is shining through the windows. Office light is more attractive for office work lol.

It is very easy to be Genius. Just need to break complex problems into simple routine ones. Remove redundant components from the task. Leave the simple job.