Friday, September 2, 2016

What makes study process interesting?

Nobody likes boring theory. Nobody likes reading and studying new terms. The only guy who like it may be guy who wants drug that helps him to fall sleep. I dare to suppose that even Einstein did not like reading theory. I am sure Einstein was a human and like every human he should not like it.
Ok, but we still need to study. Without college diploma we would not get a good job. But what is more important: we would not do our job good. More and more work today in the 21st century require good education.
What to do? I think the decision is in another area... in sales. Sales resolves a good problem: how to sell to person something he don't like and don't need. Oh yes, sales can help us to learn better.
What is the main principle of sales? Before pitching something you need to create a need in the brain of your buyer. You need to create a problem in his head. A danger. A risk. And then your product just resolves that problem. "According to media publications and official government statistics the water in your area is not clean! It is very harmful for health of you and your children! You need to ... buy water filter of our company!"
Let's come back to study. Usually if we study something we are not sure about why do we need that, First year student of university never sure about what he will do with that stuff in 5 years. Then using sales theory we need to pose a problem.
Good teacher never starts lecture with terms and definitions. He starts his speech with a problem. With a question. "What would you do if you need to calculate average demand curve for every of 5 billions inhabitants of the planet in one hour?" Students start thinking. And in the end of the lecture teacher teaches some theory of computation algorithms.
But what if I have a bad teacher? What if I do not attend college? What if my company for today is just a boring book which I should read to improve my skills? Then everyone of us should be a teacher for ourselves. Self-teacher. Pose a problems and questions for yourself. Try to attach as more useful practice as you can to your study. Any subject can be interesting. The interest depends only on the approach for studying.
PS: a lot of posts in my blog use sales theory. They starts with either a problem or question :)

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