Friday, September 2, 2016

Why systems have disadvantages?

There are a lot of systems in the world today. Government, company, family - all of these are systems. Every system has its own rules and its management. But systems also have a lot of disadvantages. Rules are not perfect. And often these disadvantages are not fixed for years. Why?
Every member of the system knows about these disadvantages. And they are in place...
Because to fix lack of system rule is a role of management of a system. It is not a role of regular system member. Thus, when member sees that lack he is not interested in fixing it. He would save much more time and money just avoiding it.
So what is the decision? Management should create a system rule telling to members how to improve system. Members should be motivated to improve system. Members (which number is sometime millions) have much more eyes and brains than management. Wikipedia will always be the better source of knowledge than any other dictionary created by single professional company.
One way is a feedback. Another is benefits for those highlighting lack. I am sure there should be a third way which is the best. But I am not sure I know it...

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