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How to reuse paper garbage

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Under the paper category I put everything made of paper: packages, used paper after writing and painting, envelopes (see also infra).

Any paper

Burn against insects. It smolders and smokes. Mosquitos and flies run away from smoke. 

Cellulose for planting mushrooms.

Composite. Most paper is compostable.

Compost. Most types of paper are compostable (except for colored paper and glossy paper).

Enforce existing envelopes, folders and boxes. Together with glue or tape.

Envelopes. With glue or tape, we can stick envelopes out of the paper or cardboard. We can do paper folders also.

Fuel for fire. Especially to start fire - paper burns perfectly.

Napkins and Handkerchiefs. If crumpled.

Sell it. Recycling centers pay for used paper.

Toilet paper. Any paper can be used as a toilet paper if soaked in water. 


Bed base. If we sleep on the floor, cardboard can make it warmer (though not softer).

Bottom of the backpack. I can cut the cardboard and put it inside the backpack, to its bottom. So all the stuff in the backpack is now protected against falling and dropping. Especially if I have some valuable stuff in the backpack such as the laptop etc.

Car seat cover. Cardboard is usually big enough to cover the major part of the car seat. 

Compost. Along with green scrap and other stuff, cardboard adds value if mixed with other materials for compost. 

Enforce paper envelopes, cardboard envelopes (folders).

Filler for the toilet. See infra.

Heat insulation. Cardboard is officially recognized as a good heat insulation material thanks to its structure. It contains empty spaces of air in between paper lawyers. So I can stick cardboard sheets to the wall to make my room warmer. I place it on the floor if I sleep on the floor to make my "bed" warmer. In extreme cases, I can cover myself with cardboard while sleeping, or sleep in the big cardboard box (like the one for the fridge). Homeless people do it that way to stay warm at the street.

Make a box or a dresser.

Mouse pad

Packaging material. Cardboard also can be used as a packaging material.

Protection for anything. Basically cardboard is perfect material for protecting literally anything. I can cover my laptop with cardboard or any other type of appliances. So I am not afraid that my staff would be damaged as a result of falling down to the floor.

Putty board.

Tablecloth. Especially when camping. Tablecloth or one time dish place. Useful for fatty and oily food, to protect the main table surface.

Clean paper 

Clean paper means paper where at least one side is clean.

Dirty paper. Clean paper firstly can be used as a dirty paper if there is lack of dirty paper.

Envelopes. If there is lack of envelopes, we can make an envelope out of the clean paper. With a tape or glue.

Filler for the toilet. See infra.

Print and paint. So we can use it again to print something, make a label for the section of the dresser, make a note, paint etc.

Dirty paper

Dirty paper includes any paper where something is printed on the both sides. So I cannot use it to print something again, make a note, paint so etc.

Filler for the toilet. See infra.

Packaging filler. It is also the option for use of paper if it is crumped.

Toilet paper. The most obvious use of the paper is toilet paper. Nope, we don't use it dry. To make a regular paper soft, we just make it wet. Add water and it becomes as soft as baby wipes. Even cardboard can become very soft if we put it in the water for half a day.

Egg carton

Coins box. We can sort out and organize coins in the egg box.


As a paper. First of all, envelopes are made of paper. Despite that I put them in the separate category (thanks to their form), they can be used as a regular paper supra.

Envelopes. Another obvious use of the envelope is the envelope per se. We can place a new postal stamp and send the mail without buying new envelope.

Filler for the toilet. See infra.

Folders for sorting. Multiple envelopes can be used as folders to sort our stuff out. Apply the mathematical statistics law here. Every envelope has flexibility. If the envelope contains a lot of stuff then its size becomes bigger  If the envelope is empty then it is very small and thin. So if we have a box consisting of 10 envelopes, each envelope could be different in its size. However according to mathematical statistics law, the sum of sizes of envelopes (which is the size of the box) will remain relatively constant. That is very convenient for organizing and storage of our stuff. See my set of labels and envelopes here.

Trash bag. If the envelope is big enough, it can be used as a garbage bag also.

Store labels

Unlike other types of paper, store labels are sticky, so we don't need to apply glue to them again.

Enforce other stuff. Stick them to folders, hand trolley, anything.

Make folders and envelopes. Just stick them to the bigger sheets of paper.

Used napkins and handkerchiefs

Toilet paper.

Handkerchiefs. After napkins are dried, we can reuse them again. 

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