Friday, May 6, 2022

How to reuse rubber garbage

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0 Any Rubber

Rubber trash could include used tires from bikes and cars. Tire protector could be destroyed or the tire could have a hole. Damaged children balls are also made of rubber.
Boot sole repair. Stick it to the sole instead of worn heel.
Enforce other stuff. Enforce plastic boxes e. g.
Filler for the toilet. See infra.
Packaging filler. As any compressible stuff, rubber also can be perfectly used as a packaging filler.
Shoes sole.
Enforce phone case. Stick the material to the phone case.

Tires (bike)

Band. Medical and Yoga bands are made of rubber. They are not expensive though. Anyway, the bike tire can be easily converted to a fitness exercise band.

Tires (car)

Amortization and protection for garage walls. If we put tires long the back wall of the garage, it will prevent cars from hitting and possibly breaking the garage walls when parking.
Flower bed.
Fence. Though it is not tall, it is still a fence. We can dig tires into the ground by half of it's height and the remaining half would serve as a fence.
Ships. Tires are fixed on a ship for amortization.
Shoe sole. We can cut piece of rubber from the used car tire to repair our shoe sole. Here is an example from YouTube.

Gloves (rubber gloves)

Place one glove inside another. This will enforce gloves.

Turn inside out. Say we have 2 broken (e. g. cut) left gloves and 2 normal unbroken right gloves from 2 pairs. We can put unbroken right glove on the left hand, just put your thumb in the consequent thumb section. Or just turn inside out the left glove and it becomes the right one.

Fix, stick. We can also cut a piece of rubber from the broken rubber gloves. Than, we use it to stick onto another broken gloves to repair it.

Rubber rings. We can cut gloves into rubber rings.

Rings (rubber rings)

Bungee cords. Make a long rope out of small ropes, plastic film and rubber rings. I can mix rubber rings with ropes, so finally I will get a stretchable bungee cord. On each end of it, I can add a spring hook.

Sell them. Rubber rings can be perfectly reusable for packing greens for sale. So we can bring a pack of rubber rings to the street market. Some sellers could agree to exchange them for few packs of greens or even for money. We can also try to sell rubber rings online, they are usually sold in packs of 0.5 kilo or something like that.

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