Friday, May 6, 2022

How to reuse metal garbage

 See parent post here.


Boot sole repair. Stick it to the sole instead of worn heel.
Make a box.
Enforce other stuff. We can stick metal parts to shoes, to cardboard folders etc. We can melt metal into plastic to enforce say plastic box. Here is an example how to do that. We can weld a metal to another metal.
Sell to recycling center. We can make a bit of money by bringing metal to the recycling center. Just need to collect enough metal because otherwise our earnings would be less than a gas cost.


Heat insulation. Aluminum foil is well known heat insulation material. Aluminum is lightweight and flexible - thus we can sew it up to the interior side of the clothes. We can stick it on the wall. We can crumple the foil and put it in the puffer jacket, sleeping bag or blanket.


Table. Instead of buying new furniture, we can convert existing barrel into a chair or a table.

Garbage bin
Toilet. We can poop there. Then, cover poop with soil to prevent smelling. Then poop again.

Car, van, truck

Dwelling. Though the car might not run, its body can still be waterproof. Especially if it is a big car like a van or a truck. 
Shed. The logic is the same as for the dwelling supra.
Sell for scrap. Scrap yard pays money and sometimes picks up old cars.

Container (shipping container)

Usage is the same as for old cars supra.


Usage is the same as for wire. infra.


Plastic weld enforcement. After welding plastic, we can enforce it with metal wire. It serves as a fitting that makes the connection stronger. See how to weld plastic here.
Sewing. Very thin wire could be used for sewing as a sewing thread. 

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