Friday, May 6, 2022

How to reuse fabric garbage

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0 Any fabric

Bags. Sew up fabric bags (for groceries).
Car seat cover. Fabric can be sewn together to make a cover for the car seat.
Door mat. To keep the house clean.
Enforce folders and envelopes.
Enforce pockets. We can sew up old piece of fabric to the pockets. This can be done from the interior side of the pants. Such sewing would make pockets stronger. This is useful when something valuable is stored in the pocket e. g. keys. So otherwise keys could cut the pocket and fall out, we don't want this to happen.
Enforce fabric bags and clothes.
Enforce furniture. We can sew fabric to the chair. Chairs and sofas surfaces are often worn out.
Enforce socks heels.
Filler for the toilet. See infra.
Folders. We can use fabric to enforce the flexible area of the folder.
Floor cloth. To clean up the floor.
Handkerchief. Fabric can be cut into small pieces for handkerchiefs. Unlike paper soft tissue, handkerchiefs can be washed and used multiple times.
Packaging material. Like any flexible substance.
Pillows. We can fill pillows with crumpled fabric.
Sew on to other clothes. To make them warmer and stronger.
Threads. Fabric is made of threads. Thus, thread can be extracted from the fabric, and then later used to sew something up 


Sew on to the backpack. In the area of seams. To make it stronger.


Bed base. If we sleep on the floor, carpet can make it warmer and softer.
Picnic and camping. E. g. instead of yoga mat.

Packing and amortization. Carpet serves as a great protection or cargo during transportation. E. g. furniture and appliances could be covered with carpets to protect them while in the truck trunk.


Donate or even sell. Via the Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or any other local advertising board.
Make lighter clothes. E.g. cut shorts out of pants. Or sleeveless shirt out of a shirt. Often we can adjust size when cutting. E. g. if pants are too big for us, we can cut them to shorts and shorts would look good.
Cut and convert:
Good thing is we can adjust size after cutting clothes.
Pants could be cut and converted to shorts.
T-shirt could be cut and converted into sleeveless T-shirt.
Warm up existing clothes. Old puffer jacket could be not so warm because its cotton wool is crumpled up as a result of wear and tear. Then, we can sew up old jacket inside of the existing puffer jacket, to warm it up.

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