Friday, May 6, 2022

How to reuse other types of garbage

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Art objects. Creativity provides great space for producing art objects out of trash. To make trash looking nice, we can cover it with solid paint.

Enforce the tool box or car trunk bed. We can fold, cut, melt, blend the garbage and put it on the bottom of the trunk bed or tool box to enforce it. 
Repair. Instead of getting rid of old broken stuff, we can just repair it. YouTube provides plenty of tutorials about how to repair almost anything. The only limits are time and motivation.


Toothpaste. Ash is known as healthy, free and natural mean to clean teeth. 

Car battery

Welding machine. Guys on YouTube make a welding machine out of car battery.
Recycling center. In the US, Walmart pays $10 for used car batteries.

Chewing gum

Fill in holes on the road and on the wall. When dried, chewing gum becomes hard enough.


Boot sole repair. Stick it to the sole instead of worn heel.
Fill potholes on the road.

Used motor oil

Boots and shoes. For shoes made of leather, we can treat this leather with used motor oil. Though caution is to be made: official manufacturer discourage us from doing this, because used motor oil is toxic.
Fuel. Oil can be burn in fire to cook food etc.
Oil for the chain of the chainsaw. Chainsaw uses two different oil types in it's two separate tanks. First tank is for gas mixed with good oil (not used motor oil). Second tank is for chain oil, which does not require high quality of the liquid. So we can add used motor oil for the chain.
Paint the wooden fence. To prevent wood from being rotten as a result of water.

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