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How to reuse organic garbage

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Organic waste includes food leftovers and our toilet sewage.

0 Any Organic Waste

Dig into the ground. There is nothing bad to dig the organic waste into the ground. It was part of nature, it is part of nature, it will come back to nature. Then nature will take care of that. Nature better knows what to do with our organic waste. Nature better knows what to create out of our organic waste. Advantage of digging organic waste into the ground is cost savings for garbage trucks and sewer utility bills. In turn, garbage truck will not pollute nature with its gas exhaust.

Compost and Fertilizer. For those who have a yard, organic waste is a perfect fertilizer. Even without a yard, edible mushrooms can be grown in the apartment, fertilized with organic waste. Compost can be sold also.

Ferment them. Some organic garbage not edible otherwise could be used via fermentation. Fruit and veggies peels, greens etc. We can turn them into spicy food, alcohol, vinegar or other products via fermentation.

Filler for the toilet. See infra.

Fodder. Food for farm animals. Grass, watermelon and banana peels can be cut into small pieces. So chicken can eat it. So do pigs.

Spices. Many types of the grass are bitter. Others are spicy. It can be dried also to preserve for future use.
Food for insects. We can grow black soldiers flies or other insects. They eat organic waste. Than, insects themselves can become a food for human and animals (chicken, fish e. g.).

Avocado seed

Fill potholes on the road.
Boot sole repair. Cut and stick it to the sole instead of worn heel.

Banana peels

Filler for the toilet. See infra.
Cleaning foam. We can clean some dirt by rubbing it with a banana peels. We can clean most flat surfaces with them: toilet, bath, kitchen sink etc. We can clean dishes also.
Cook it. There are some results on the internet about how to cook banana peels just don't forget to remove store label (sticker).

Glue. At least for paper.

Paper. With manufacturing facility, paper can be made out of banana peels.

Toilet paper. Use internal side of the peel, not the external one. Unlike tree leaves, banana peels are not dried fast and can be saved for a longer time. Their internal side presents natural organic foam that absorbs all the leftovers from the skin better than the regular toilet paper. At the same time, banana is soft like baby wipes because it is naturally wet, again unlike the regular toilet paper. Though to prevent mold and rot, it is better to store them in the fridge.

Coffee grounds

Abrasive cleaner. Credits to this video.
Odor remover.
Against mosquitoes. Rumors are, mosquitoes do not like coffee smell.
Add to baking. Coffee adds some taste to cookies. 

Leafs from trees

Toilet paper. Especially if soaked with water.
Fuel for fire. If dried.


To be researched...

Orange peels

Fuel. Orange peels are inflammable. Thus, they can serve as a fuel.
Tea. We can boil them and it will be a drink - orange tea.
Repellent against mosquito. There are multiple options:
- Boil them for 15 minutes. Then use this water as a spray against mosquito. Details
- Put peels in hot boiled water, close the jar and keep it for 2 days. Then use water as a repellent. Details.
Aroma. And odor remover. For shoes, dwelling, garbage bin etc. 
Body scrub. Or face toner, face wash, face mask.
Whiten teeth. 

Peels of fruits and vegetables

Soup. Put them in soup. Or try to bake (fry). Just don't forget to remove store labels.

Seeds (pits) of fruits and vegetables

Plant and grow.
Soup.     Put them in soup and boil. E. g. avocado pit boiled extract is considered as a good medication for some health problems. It is spicy and it gives extra taste to your soup.


Filler for the toilet. See infra.


Let them grow. So we will get a new plant or even tree at our home.


Filler for the toilet. See infra.

Tea leftovers

Odor remover.
Wash dishes. Like with coffee, tea helps to remove fat and oil from dishes. Soak tea in the sink with dirty dishes, after a while scrub it and clean.

Water - Urine

Beer. In Singapore, one company brewed beer out of urine.
Cleaning. Romans used urine to clean dirt stains from clothes.
Drink. We can ferment it - place it in the bottle and wait few days. And then drink tasty fermented drink.
Medicine. Some people drink urine as a part of therapy to cure diseases. It can also be boiled to 1/4 volume to increase its medical function.
Perfumery, toiletry. We can boil and process urine so it gets a good smell.

Water - Rain

Washing machine. Put clothes outside and let the rain wash them.
Water collection. Will the rain barrel. For future use.

Water - River

Washing machine. Put clothes in the laundry bag then bind laundry bag to the rope. Bind another side of the rope to the tree. Put laundry bag in the river. 
If there is no tree, we we can use heavy piece of metal or the rock instead. Just bind the rope to the rock or the metal so it is binded reliable. Put the rock or the metal to the bottom of the river. Need to know the exact place of the river bottom where we will take it from on the next day.
Water collection. With bottles, buckets etc, for future use.

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