Friday, May 7, 2021

There is always a way to start with something small..

Motivation goes away when the perspective seems to be so hard to achieve. Competition is so high and when a lot of resources are needed. However, there is always a niche where nobody goes to. Just need to find it. With the minimal set of resources we can step on to a way to success..

SWOT analysis is a good thing to find a way. In business theory, SWOT is for:

- (My) Strengths

- (My) Weaknesses 

- (Environment) Opportunities

- (Environment) Threats

I would remove Weaknesses and Threats because they negatively affect motivation. So SWOT would become SO - Strengths and Opportunities only. Then we can list all our Strengths (skills) and environment opportunities (market niches and ideas). And see which of them can be intersected with each other (which Strengths can be applied to which Opportunities).

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