Tuesday, May 25, 2021

How does food affect our mood?

This question still presents a puzzle for me. I see only pieces (factors) affecting my mood however I don't see the whole picture.. Experience and observation give the following facts:
- After eating sugar, mood improves. E. g. pure cane sugar, cookies etc. Hence, probably mood depends on the level of carbohydrates (because sugar is carbohydrate).
- After short physical exercise, mood improves. Probably mood depends on the level of oxygen in the blood. When we exercise, we breath more. The more we breath the more oxygen comes to the body.
- After long (2 hours or more) physical exercise without eating and without a rest, mood comes down. Again probably this is because of exhausting carbohydrates.
- If I slept not much, in the second half of the day mood is low. Thus, not only food affects our mood. So does sleeping well.
- If I didn't do much physical activity, and at the same time eat a lot of fat food (e. g. in the morning), I feel myself bad. Probably, fat food not consumd directly to muscles results in some kind of toxins that affect our mood.

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