Thursday, May 27, 2021

Superheroes lived in slums

It is a kind of romantic, adventure and pleasure of extreme to be homeless, travel with a tent, do van dwelling, hitchhiking etc.

Many superheroes were homeless, lived in a alum, a cave etc. E. g.:

  • Deadpool: a dirty slum with old blind lady
  • Wolverine from X-Men: he slept in a cave, in his car, in a camper.
  • Brother (with Sergei Bodrov): upon arriving to Saint Petersburg, he slept in old park with other homeless people.
  • ? to be continued ?
When being homeless, the person becomes free. He realizes, that basic human needs could be satisfied without money, without a full time job. With such freedom, he has less fears also. He is not afraid of losing a job or losing finances. Superhero has no fears.

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