Sunday, May 2, 2021

Common bugs when debugging/deploying Android app

Android Studio does not see my device (the cell phone per se)

The error heading is "no target device found"

Possible solutions:

  • Turn on debugging mode on the phone.
  • After connecting the phone via USB cable, see the pop up window on the phone (I can also find it later in USB settings of the phone). Try multiple options in this pop up: "Charging", "Storage", "MIDI", "PTP" etc. For different phones these options might be different. E. g. for now on my Motorola "PTP" works.
  • Change USB cable.
  • Change USB port.
  • Change the phone.

Can't see my tag in Logcat

See second box from the left on the top of the Logcat. It is the name of the process (to the right of the debugged app name).

If the box says "No debuggable processes", try to select app to the left again, then select the process to the left again.

Switch to the other tab and then back (e. g. to "Build" and then back "Log").

After the error, don't press on a phone "close the app" immediately. Otherwise I will not see the error in the log.

You need to use a different version code for your APK because you already have one with version code...

Change versionCode in build.gradle and output-metadata.json files.

Then click in Android Studio build->Build bundles/APKs -> build bundle or apk (select appropriate option that you will upload to the Google play).

Then Android studio will show pop up window suggesting me to locate bundle/apks. They are not in the release folder. They are in app/build/outputs/bundle/debug.

The Android App Bundle was not signed

Build->Generate Signed Bundle/APK

Wait until it is done.

Then Android Studio in the bottom right corner will show pop up (like Toast) message allowing to locate the new file. Don't mess it up with the wrong location when uploading to Google Play Console.

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