Monday, June 28, 2021

Never pay to the university for the education!

Here I describe my own experience. I believe it could be useful because it cuts the common stereotypes of software engineering science studying. There are a lot of myths people believe in. Current study curve in schools and universities is defective. It kicks out and demotivate large percentage of people who could become a talented coders.

School and university is not to teach. It is an institute to filter people out. University filters students at the entrance to get only those with high intelligence. No university accepts students without tests/recommendations/school marks etc. Then, during the studying process, university filters students via its own tests and marks. At the end, only talented graduate, so the university is proudly saying how great it is. In fact, it is not the university which is great. Students are great, university is not. The only great thing about the university is it is a great filter. And maybe networking parties.

University does not provide teaching process with more value than YouTube and Google. All the scientific information in 21st century is available for free on the Internet and in public libraries. Teachers at university know less than e. g. stackoverflow or other public forums. The only difference is price. In the US students could pay $100,000 per year in the university unlike $500 (or even less) for Internet provider. Difference is 200 times. Why should we pay more? Or our parents? Even if government subsidizes study process this money could be spent in more efficient way. E. g. to feed poor and sick people, resolve ecology problems, decrease taxes etc.

What is much worse: in many countries military service is compulsory, at least for males. And stupid government thinks that: 

  • 1) People must serve in military (to allow government to protect kill more). Even in well-developed countries like the US, though military service is not compulsory, it is highly encouraged by giving subsidies to veterans for free university education, immigration benefits etc.
  • 2) Universities are useful, thus military duty is waived for those studying at university. The most useless and harmless waiver resulting in widespread corruption and harm for economics.

As per my estimation, only 1% of coders apply algorithms theory in daily work. At the same time this is the basic and main course in the university program. Even worse, many employers test applicants by giving them algorithms tasks. And after the job offer the engineer is surprised that he should do absolutely different type of job..

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