Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Hearing impairment as a result of earwax

In no way under the health label I post professional medical advice. Instead, only my own experience is there, that can be useful for myself only.

Possible reasons of hearing impairment

Swimming in the dirty river water

Probably, earwax absorbs dirty water and becomes puffed. That results in ears clogged. Water in the natural reservoir (river, lake) makes other surfaces sticky. It contains silt and sludge which are oily. If we swim in the water without washing head afterwards, hairs become very sticky. I assume the same happens with the earwax in our ears.


Probably there is more intensive production of earwax during fasting. Maybe because of toxins excretion etc I don't know..
Wearing earbuds for a long time
Earbuds create isolated space and skin sweats inside. So the earwax becomes wet and puffed.

Earwax is pushed towards Eardrum

To prevent any problems with ears, never use cotton swabs or any other sticks go clean  them. Two adverse outcomes are:
- Earwax is pushed towards eardrum. Hearing will be impaired and it would be more difficult to take it out.
- Eardrum will be damaged. That will take a lot of time to heal. Doctor's help might be needed.

Solutions and treatment

Visit the doctor

Only doctor can diagnose the damaged eardrum which is more serious problem.

Use hydrogen peroxide

Instead, to clean ears use simple and cheap hydrogen peroxide. Drip it into the ear and turn the head perpendicular for 10-20 minutes. There will be a noise of hissing - that means hydrogen peroxide does it's work. It might need multiple days to repeat this process once or twice a day to completely dissolve the earwax.

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