Tuesday, June 1, 2021

How to resolve laptop power problem while camping with a tent?

I constantly work with the laptop and merely mobile phone is not enough. While travelling with a car or staying in hotels, electricity is not a problem. There is always power outlet in the hotel. Also, I can use power inverter to get power from the car battery while travelling with the car.

However, while hitchhiking with a tent, power for the laptop becomes more serious problem. For now the only way to resolve it is to stay and charge in local cafes/libraries/other public entities. If we could resolve such a problem, the life would become very cheap and interesting. We could travel for free in countries with warm weather, spending money only for food and mobile network. At the same time working with the laptop on our projects.

The good news is current technology allows us to charge the laptop via the power bank. In earlier years, we could only use power banks for charging mobile phones. Today, however, one power bank can charge one laptop twice. I would not advertise certain trademarks, they are often change as the technology evolves. The power bank for charging the laptop could be as small as the power bank for the phone. However it is heavier unlike the one for the phone charging. So we can resolve it by travelling with hand truck dolly instead of the backpack. We can take 2 power banks also to keep more power storage.

Another solution could the portable solar panel. However the solar panel itself can charge the device only while I am working on that. Otherwise, it needs some heavy battery. In this case, the battery can still be much heavier than power bank for the laptop. The solar panel per se is heavy enough also. Can we load it on the same hand truck dolly?

For the hand truck dolly, it should be foldable. Otherwise, drivers on a road would not be able to load our luggage in the car cabin because of the size of the hand truck. The same goes for solar panel - it should be small. However the smaller the panel the less electricity it provides.

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