Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Mid or low-sized military truck - the best option for van dwelling?

It seems like a van is not the best option for van dwelling, despite that "van dwelling" contains the "van" word. Most vans are not all-wheel drive. Few of those AWD or 4WD are usually very expensive, rare and difficult to get especially at the used cars market. Mercedes Sprinter and others mostly are 2WD.

Even those 4WD are not good with every off-road wild surface. Why should we care about off-road? Because wild natural places is the best option to stay for a night for van dwellers. Out of noisy city, out of people, one on one with nature. Otherwise, why do we need a car if we can stay in the city apartment?

It seems like the ideal option is military mid-size truck. Examples are Mercedes Unimog or Pinzgauer.

Like a van, such truck body has enough space to fit dwelling and bed space for 1-2 persons. Unlike a van, in addition to 4WD (or 6WD like at the picture) this vehicle has better ability for off-road, bigger wheels, an option for a winch.
The only disadvantage is a requirement for additional type of drivers license in some countries. Not a big deal: once we pass the exam, we hold such permit forever.
Where to buy? The best options to buy a car is auto auction. The best country for auto auction is the US. However, mid-size trucks are not so popular in the US. So we can try to find used one in Europe. Another cheap option is to buy a Russian truck. There are few mid-size models of GAZ and URAL. People say they are not reliable though. Nevertheless, they are cheaper and easier to repair because of plenty of spare parts in the country of the manufacturer.

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