Thursday, July 29, 2021

Yoga and stretching while working with computer - for better brain work efficiency


Use rubber bands

Transverse twine

Longitudinal twine

Stay at one knee and make the second leg straight. Then try to lift the knee in the air.

Twist the body while sitting on the chair and holding the chair back with hands

Put one hole hand straightened on the floor and twist the body


Hands lock behind the back

Put one hand on the pelvis and stretch the elbow

Gorilla hands position

Laying down on a stomach

Touch the pelvis by the foot (heel)

Bring knees to the opposite sides, hold heels together, pull both heels towards out of the body.

Take one foot by the hand and put this foot down on to the floor

Front leg is bent in the knee. Rear leg is straight laying down on the floor. Front leg foot is under the pelvis.

Cobra (yoga position). 

Cobra on elbows

Laying down on a back

Bring knees to opposite sides

Bring one knee to the stomach and hold it with hands

Sitting on the floor

Kiss both knees

Kiss one knee

Stretch the neck

Butterfly with knees

Sit on the knees and touch the floor with the pelvis

Stretch thigh by holding one knee with handsHalf position of the fish tsar (yoga position)

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