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These strategy patterns could be applied in any part of our life when choosing what decision to take. Job, business, projects, relationships, conflicts, fights etc... Some of them can be seen in nature: wild animals successfully apply them. Others are from battlefields or other places. 


Don't look at statements. Look at the army movements.

Body posture

In soccer, we use our body to protect a ball. During war, we hold the position and defend it. So often defense is the best way of attack. Don't try to intrude. Just hold your position and let the enemy get tired.


As per Chinese generals, the battle is to be won before the battle. Planning is everything. The battle itself is just a formality to realize the plan.

Attrition and waiting

Some decisions should be taken fast, while some should be delayed. We can delay the decision if time works for us. Chinese sage Confucius said: If you sit by the river long enough, you'll see the body of your enemy float by.
The more we wait, the more information we can get about the decision implementation. As it often happens, problem could be resolved by itself even before we started resolving it.

Root cause

The problem is resolved forever once we find its root cause. 

Consistent process

At the plant, melting machine should work continuously. Even if there is nothing to melt. That is because cost of starting it up is too high.
If I read tech book, I forcibly assign myself at least half an hour every single day for reading. If I don't touch the book for couple of days, it takes me much time to recover difficult tech terms in memory.
Constant dropping wears away a stone. Trust the process.

Use energy of the enemy

This is a key principle of oriental martial arts. As well, it is applicable in other area of our life. Teacher spends a lot of energy during training (lecture) trying to deal with couple dozens of students. Instead, he can flip this process and get energy from students. Instead of answering questions, ask questions.

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