Friday, July 16, 2021

Standards of future community (country)


One day I will create my own community (country, city or whatever). It will eliminate all the disadvantages current societies have. The following standards should be met:


Saving our planet means saving our grandchildren. We don't want our descendants to be ugly mutants suffering from radiation.

Clean air

Polluting the air should be prohibited. Fire in any form will be allowed only in extraordinary cases. The best way to reduce CO2 exhaust is to stop producing it. For now, IMHO 95% of fires are to serve redundant people needs, which are not necessary to survive. 2020 COVID pandemic proved that governments can easily force people to abstain from pleasure and other activities not necessary for survival. Of course, social needs, rest etc should be satisfied, but again, it could be done without fire.

Most food can be cooked without fire. Moreover, raw food is even more healthier than cooked (boiled, fried etc) ones.

Green mass

Greens are to produce oxygen and recycle CO2. We cut grass and forests often just for beauty without any reasonable purpose. 

People should leave underground or above the ground. Because the ground level is for green nature. We destroyed so much of green square with concrete, roads, buildings and other cities side effects.

Current technology allows us to resolve this problem. 



The best way to hold politician responsible is to force him to live with his voters. Most politicians live in expensive houses behind the high fence and security guard. Politicians should live in apartments, or even better hostels with the poorest people of the country (which are the majority). So then the politician could hold a direct contact with the majority of his voters. Politician should eat in the shared kitchen with voters, 3 times a day, 365 days a year. Not once a year for TV camera like thy do now.

He can still be paid much, he deserves high salary and high pension for his work. However, he should not be allowed to live far from ordinary people, otherwise he will lose contact with them.

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