Thursday, February 8, 2024

Society of excessive consumption

We complain about poverty and ecology problems, however at the same time we contribute to them by over consumption.

Examples are:

Cutting grass in the yard. Is there any value of doing that apart from that yard "looks cute and clean"? Greens produce oxygen. If greens are cut, they lay down and become rotten producing methane which destroys our atmosphere.

Cosmetics and perfume manufacturing. Any girl spending twenty bucks for a gym looks much more cute than the girl spending the same money on cosmetics. Cosmetics manufacturing harms ecology.

Gym and sports. I don't understand people paying for gym and taking taxi or using elevators at the same time.

Cleaning supplies, powders etc. Is there any value of using them apart from that clothes look cute and clean? If you want to kill all the microbes on the planet with chemicals, you need to kill all the life on the planet. Chemicals leftovers after washing machine go to rivers and oceans. They poison fish and we eat this fish afterwards.

Home renovation. 

Spices, cooking food. These artificially stimulate our appetite which results in overeating, not good for health.

Rank and gender needs

Cosmetics, luxurious products, everything that make you look "beautiful" is the result of the need for higher status (rank). Males and females constantly fight for attention of each other - it is very natural.

To attract a partner of the opposite sex, one need to show its higher status (rank) in the pride. The higher your rank the more attractive you are for potential sex partners. We need to attract sex partners because it is our way to populate our genes over the planet, it is our instinct.

Big animals use power to demonstrate their status. Smaller animals like birds have bright colors of the body to attract opposite gender.

Humans didn't go far from that. Some of us use "fair" ways to demonstrate our attractiveness. We do sports to become more healthy, strong and hence attractive.

In the current society, not only physical gorilla power demonstrates our rank. Country president could be more attractive to women that a good athlete. The one's rank is determined by his or her position in the society, money power, carrier etc. That's why we study, fight for high paying jobs, make business.

However what the one could do if he or she has nothing to increase his or her rank in a "fair" way? What if you are not an athlete, you are not intelligent to get a good job?

Right. If the product is selling badly, invest in marketing and advertising. Doesn't matter what is inside the box, we will make the package look perfect. This is the easiest way to attract a potential buyer.

We will apply cosmetics, we will make photos with the background of luxury cars, we will dress on attractive dressings etc. All of these are redundant spendings for the society and these harm planet ecology. But these help to increase ranks of those species with lower statuses.

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