Saturday, February 10, 2024

Cruelty to animals

Vegans are concerned about cruelty to animals. They refuse to eat animal food because animals are killed in farms. Does it make sense? Yes and no.

Cruelty should be divided in 2 parts. First is cruelty for necessity. So it is somehow justified. The second is opposite - cruelty without necessity hence not justified.

Justified cruelty

Predators need to kill other animals to get food and survive. Wolf eats deer, fish eats other fish, insects eat other insects, even some plants are able to kill and eat small insects. Anyway, each one of us kill and eat bacteria and microorganisms even though we don't want and don't know about that.

Humans kill animals at farms to eat them. Even though I personally don't eat meat, this type of cruelty still can be considered as justified.

While refusing animals meat, vegans eat insects, seafood, plant roots and leafs. Plant doesn't want us to eat it's roots because it will die without roots. Roots is a crucial part of the plant body, it serve for digestion of water from the ground. 

Neither plants want us to eat their leafs. Leafs play important role in the breathing process of the plant. 

The only thing the plant wants us to eat is its fruit. Fruit serves for populating area and thanks to it seeds are spread on a long distance around the tree. So this is the only thing we should eat if we want to be truly vegans.

Non-justified cruelty

If cruelty is applied with no valid human reason it is not justified. Examples are circuses, zoo, sterilization. To understand the level of cruelty ask yourself: would you be ready to treat your child in the same way? What would you feel if someone treated you in the same way?

Just imagine your child is beaten by the circus trainer just to get skill to entertain public. Imagine your child to be hold in a dirty cage. This is even worse than a prison.

Imagine someone told you that you must be sterilized just to prevent overpopulation of similar creatures like you. What would you feel? Official excuse is homeless dogs contribute to overpopulation and deceases spread. However humans consume much more resources than dogs, humans harm our planet more, humans spread deceases either. Why don't sterilize humans then? Eugenics tried to do that in the beginning of the twentieth century. Today we recognize eugenics as racism and nazism. Why don't we recognize in the same way sterilization of animals?

This is the way we treat animals. At the same time we lie that we love them. It is not love.

We bring our children to zoo and circuses to entertain them. What a fun. We teach cruelty since the childhood. And this cruelty is not justified. It will never be.

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