Thursday, October 20, 2022

Conflict with the public official

It depends country to country. In some countries public employees are friendly and in some they are not. What to do if the government person denies to his job? 

Do not tell, do not insult. Regardless of the other person's behavior, be polite and smile if you can. There are few reasons of why we would wannabe so nice:

- We can tell to another person that he/she is wrong without yelling, in a polite way.

- If eventually the law will not take our side or there is some law that we don't know about... We would look bad as we yelled having wrong position at the same time.

- The person will never become more friendly if we yelled at him/her. This will only aggravate the conflict. 

Ask the first and last name of the public official. In many cases, he is obliged to share this information. Later, it can be used on the complaint. 

Ask to call the supervisor. 

Ask to get a written denial, not only verbal. 

Google the problem.

Google the lawyers who can help.

Ask "why", ask the public official for the legal support behind his decision.

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