Tuesday, December 7, 2021

How to make compost

Following components are needed in the composter:

  • Raw materials for compost. Mix different types of organic garbage and place them in the bucket mixed or layer by layer:
    • Greens. 
    • Browns. Leafs, newspaper, cardboard.
    • Other food scrap.
  • Environment.
    • Air. In the bucket, drill holes on a side and in the top cap. The more holes the better. Without holes, bad odor comes.
    • Warm temperature. The warmer the better for composting. 25-30 Celsius is great. However, in colder climate composting is also possible. It will just be slower.
    • Moisture. Water, urine etc. Spray everything with water on a regular basis.
    • Mix. Mix the compound on a regular basis.
    • Sunlight. It is not crucial for composting. So there is no need to place it under the sun.
  • Other optional notes:
    • Put a layer of regular soil in the bottom of the bucket.
    • Cover the last(top) layer with soil - it will fasten the process and prevent smells.
    • Cover the soil layer with dry leafs. They will help to keep moisture and heat inside of the bucket.

Time needed: 2-3 months to complete composting process.

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