Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Problem solving - how to solve a problem

Let the problem resolve themselves

Some problems can be postponed if they are not urgent. Surprisingly, many of them are resolved by themselves after a while. Or we just realize we don't need to resolve them.


If another man can repair my car cheaply, I better pay to him. 

Collect maximum information possible

Google it.

Ask online forums.

Discuss with friends.

Draw mind map

I personally do it in Google spreadsheets. Table view could also be used for mind mapping and brain storming.

More classic way of mind map can be done via Mindmeister app, available both on the web and mobile.

Analyze and breakdown to find root cause

Say we want to buy a house (or an apartment). The key question is why? Once we answer, ask again. Until we find a real root cause.

E. g.:

- Why?

- Because we have excessive money on the bank account.

- Why we want to spend excessive money?

- To protect assets from inflation or theft.

- Why purchasing an apartment is the best way to protect assets? Are there other ways?

Probably then we can find another (and more efficient way). Or become more confident in the initial way (purchasing real estate).

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