Sunday, October 10, 2021

How to connect an OBD device (car scanner) to an Android phone

Plug in the OBD and turn on the engine. Make sure you see the OBD device bright light under the car dashboard.

Turn on the Bluetooth on the phone.
In the phone Bluetooth settings, connect to the "OBDII" device with the password (PIN) "1234".

If the phone doesn't see " OBDII" device, try to plug the OBD device out of the car's socket and plug it in again. 

Download "Car scanner" app:

In the app, connect to the "OBD" device.

In the app, press "Engine codes".

- switch the phone
- switch the OBD device
- reboot the phone
- plug out and plug in the OBD device
- make sure the car engine is on

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