Saturday, September 18, 2021

Toyota Tundra tips and tricks...

On the dashboard, 4LO, VSC off and slippery road signs are blinking

I had that problem after running four wheel drive on a bumpy road. 

Good answer is provided here:

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My truck is 2 days! VSC Off, 4LO blinking etc...

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Re: For the THIRD time this month

ur problem is related to the evap canister located at the gas tank.

The problem is that one of the valve is not opening properly and throwing a code. The issue is not in the canister nor the valve but in the wiring harness that runs in the cross member above the fuel tank. Corosion gets int he harness and whre you should have a 12v signal for the valve, the corosion drops it to 2v therefore, not allowing the valve to open and throwing a code.

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