Saturday, March 11, 2017

Pillars of motivation

I assume the following should be considered as pillars of motivation. All of them should be necessary for a person to be motivated doing something. All of them should surround person, interact with him.

  1. Person who is better than me. He shows me that result of work is possible if I will work hard and will become as good as he is.
  2. Person, who is worse than me (from the point of view of qualification). He shows, that I have a preference in comparison to others to start doing something. I have a potential.
  3. Person having unresolved problem. And result of my work could help him. He can buy result of my work. He needs it.

Thus, in other terms, we can list pillars like this:

  1. Possibility.
  2. Potential.
  3. Need.

Did I miss something?

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