Monday, January 23, 2017

Managing calendar

Just got an idea about google calendar. Note it could be MS Outlook calendar or Lotus Calendar or whatever. All of them have the same format.
I divide all the tasks for the day in 3 groups:
  1. To do sitting with computer and using Internet
  2. Meetings and calls
  3. At home (cleaning, buying etc)
But Google calendar does not have such option to divide these groups:
Instead, it offers to highlight tasks by different colors. However, it is time-consuming option. Especially, if you use it over the phone.
So, for me as at now the best option is to choose time frames for each group:
  1. Night is for Internet tasks. I am sure that no other tasks will be assigned for night, until 8-9 am. No meetings are appointed at night.
  2. Day is for meetings and calls.
  3. Evening is for homework. Of course, I can do some homework earlier. But in this case evening means just 3rd group tasks, not the evening time.

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