Monday, September 30, 2019

What to expect if you apply for a job at Amazon: confidentiality agreement

Recently I found an interesting article that highlights the nature of Amazon culture. Amazon sues its own employees.

The article is of 2014, seems like long time ago. However believe me: for now situation in Amazon only became worse. That was the reason why I filed a lawsuit and complaint to law enforcement agency. Amazon still intends to restrict fair competition by its unfair agreements.

Software engineers, "elite" among employees, are the most valuable, unique and highly paid workforce. Companies fight for the reputation to attract engineers. Employers increase benefits, insurance, working conditions. Google converted its office space to a resort to make it the most attractive place for employees. That's how 21st century companies compete at the labor market.

But there is one company that is not like everybody else. Instead of increasing perks for employees, the company persecute employees. Instead of protecting its own employees, the company sues them. Instead of providing medical help, the company makes employees disabled. Guess what is the name of this unique company? Hint: Major mass media call it "colony of hell".

Amazon? No! Again Amazon! What did they do this time?

The engineer found that toxic culture of Amazon is not for him. Then he decided to apply for a normal company - Google. And Amazon sued him! Most engineers don't want to work for Amazon. And if the employer can't attract people by fair means, it decides to persecute and sue! "If you run away from out slavery system, we will persecute you"

Amazon alleged, its engineer violated the non-competition agreement (prohibiting to work for competitor). As usual, Amazon intends to violate the law, because the colony of hell can't do business in fair way complying with the legal system. Trick is in some states (like California) such agreement is not enforceable by law. The real goal of Amazon is to make employee sign unfair document and make him feel fear of violation.

Many college graduates still apply for Amazon even knowing that this is one of the worst employers. They just have no other choice, have no work experience, trying to get their first line in resume. They think, they can sustain with toxic culture for a year or so, get experience and then run away to normal company.

But there are serious risks of such approach. By applying for a job at Amazon, a person can make his life worse forever (not only for the time of employment). Amazon can sue employee to prevent him find job at a normal company (even warehouse workers). Office and warehouse employees often become disabled till the end of the life as a result of working for Amazon, and the company often provides them no benefits. Children of Amazon employees die, parents prevented to treat them.

I do not discourage anybody to work for Amazon. If a person have no other choice, probably Amazon is a good fit for him/her. But everyone should familiarise himself with all the consequences before taking a decision.

What is the top secret technology Amazon zealously tries to hide? What secret should be kept by every employee under the confidentiality agreement? Unique algorithm of multi flow processing? Cloud server technology not known before? Nope.

The most important technology of Amazon is its toxic culture. Amazon innovated automated systems to track its own warehouse employees. Amazon innovated fake HR structure allowing to persecute employees with impunity. Amazon innovated toxic culture.

Amazon forces employees to sign confidentiality agreement for one certain goal. It is not to prevent theft of code. It is to prevent distribution of information about colony of hell.

In the middle of the XX century Hewlett Packard established basis for caring about employees. HP engineers could play volleyball at work, had flexible working schedule, got free lunches. Later other companies of Silicon Valley followed this practice.

In the XXI century, Amazon established basis for toxic employment culture. Nobody wants to follow this example. Less and less people want to work for Amazon. When engineer at Google is terminated, his manager walks him to the cafe and pays for his drink. When engineer at Amazon protests against toxic culture, his manager harasses him with hate speech and HR covers the manager.