Thursday, August 8, 2019

Daily Beast publication: Amazon pivot for software engineers, my complaint, comments of practicing attorneys

Chinese software engineers say: There are three things I can watch forever: fire, water, Amazon fake pivot program.

Daily Beast today interviewed Amazon software engineers, practicing attorneys and one guy who likes to protest:

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It goes without saying Amazon Pivot is a pure fake:

Practicing attorneys agree Pivot is fake:

I assume Amazon attorneys will say Pivot is not fake. Well it is expected. Because Amazon pays to its attorneys around $1000 an hour. While Amazon warehouse workers are paid $15 an hour.

Crazy guy who likes to protest also believes Pivot is fake:

Last year first was Bloomberg. The media described how new Amazon program made life of employees even worse.

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And of course I can't forget crazy protesting guy explaining pivot with bad English:

After all of that Amazon responded to Daily Beast the company wanted to mitigate conflict with crazy guy:

As usual, Amazon commits mockery by its official response. Here is why: