Monday, June 10, 2019

Happy Amazon prime customers pay for Amazon lawyers to persecute Amazon employees

Earlier I noted how Amazon spends money of customers - by hiring attorneys at around $1000 an hour to persecute its own employees.
In the lawsuit, Amazon hired reputable and extreeeemly expensive Perkins Coie attorneys to fight me. These are attorneys who were thinking it is a good idea to complain to the Court about my protests.

I act without an attorney and I have no legal education. Amazon and Perkins Coie decided it is not enough to fight against me with single attorney. They brought a combination of a Partner + an Attorney.

Now let's go to money horror. Would you like to be terrified? I was.
Perkins Coie Partner is paid in average $376,105/yr.
Perkins Coie Attorney is paid in average $287,354/yr.
In total, these two guys make $663,459/yr.

For these money you could hire 20 warehouse employees because each of them gets just $15/hr.

I am arguing with Amazon in the lawsuit whether picketing is right and whether retaliation is unlawful during the last half a year. For half a year their total earnings were approximately
$663,459 / 2 = $331,729.

Of course, attorney of the firm can be engaged in multiple projects (lawsuits). However usually legal firm (Perkins Coie) charges its client (Amazon) hourly rate of the lawyer multiple times higher than his/her salary. Moreover, docket of my case was frequently updated and now it contains 50 motions. That means around half of them is filed by each side. How much Amazon paid for 25 motions?
I don't know the real number and I have never seen contract between Perkins Coie and Amazon. But we don't need a PhD degree to easily calculate an estimation based on the numbers listed supra.

I am OK with high salaries of the lawyers. I think everybody deserve the money for the job he does. Even Mr Bezos deserves his billions because he created such startup. Moreover, I was paid competitive rate working as a software engineer for Amazon.

However I am not OK with the following. Amazon spends hundreds of thousands dollars (and potentially millions) just to persecute its own employee! And that is just for the single employee! Amazon pays $15/hr to warehouse picker and then pays around $1000/hr to persecute this picker!
How many current lawsuits does Amazon have? If we multiply $300,000 by this number, we will be terrified even more.

While Mr Bezos actively promotes "customer obsession", he hides his real "attorney obsession".

Dear Happy Amazon Prime Customer! Please be aware you do not support hungry families of Amazon fulfillment center employees. You support families of lawyers!

Oleg, it is enough horror! Give us some good news! Well, the good news is at least somebody is really happy as a result of that. Perkins Coie guys would bless Amazon and encourage the company to persecute its employees indefinitely!

NY protest: rain, rain, rain...

Thursday, June 6, 2019

What is the major difference between Amazon and Army?

There are similarities between Amazon and Army.
In the army, during the war the soldier can be injured, physically or mentally.
At Amazon, the worker will be injured, physically or mentally.

But there is a major difference between Amazon and Army.
In the army, the soldier is ready to die to make his country safe.
In the Amazon, the worker is ready to die to make Bezos richer.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Innovation idea for Amazon: automatic HR

Amazon has a good leadership principle: frugality. Another leadership principle encourages innovations. Well, I support them and follow both of them.
As an engineer working for Amazon I should be somehow responsible for innovations.
While software engineers at Amazon are mostly not engaged in innovations, I have an innovation idea.

Earlier I noted that HR is the most useless department of Amazon. It consumes huge budgets. At the same time it is only to create a visibility of investigations of violations at the workplace.

Let's make HR automatic! Sad thing is Amazon needs to terminate all HRs. Well, this saves a lot of payroll money for Mr Bezos. Good to him. Instead of alive HRs, simple robot will send auto responses to every complaint of the employees.

For the first complaint (regardless of its content), robot will send email: we did not find violation of Amazon policy here.
For the repeated inquiry, robot will send: our investigation is confidential.

In the Court, Amazon can proudly excuse: "We consider every complaint and take measures" (which is true btw)

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Amazon is at the level of XIX century

Guess where is this citation coming from? Looks familiar with Amazon management?
In fact, this is from the XIX century, manufacturing era before the unionizing.
How can we meet the same today, in XXI century? Amazon thinks it is proper.

How to be happy working for Amazon

Stop talking. Go find another job if you don't like it! Amazon style.

Amazon plays its favorite game "you don't like this job get out". They tell "nobody forces you to stay here". You can quit any time. This is the favorite game of those having monopoly power. And this is an abuse.

I suggest to play another game. Like children, let's combine words and play a game of "analogy". Here is how it looks like.

  • The parent abuses the child. If child doesn't like it, he/she can go find another parent or apply to orphanage.
  • The offender rapes the woman. But nobody forced the woman to walk at the dark street at night. If she doesn't like something, she could go to other street.
  • The husband beats up his wife and commits domestic violence crime. But nobody forced the wife to marry him. She could chose other man if she doesn't like something.
  • Etc etc

It is enough. Amazon management and HR extended the limit. It is our time to say NO. We will not go other street. We will not tolerate mockery and abuse. We will not tolerate crime and discrimination. We suggest Mr Bezos to fly to Mars if he doesn't like this planet. But we like it and we will stay here. And we will fight for our rights because we have nothing to lose.

Amazon wants to keep its fascism "Confidential"

HR director Kelly Wolf informed me about the following:
Hate speech (the reason for my complaint) is not a violation of the Amazon policy.
What else do you need to know about this company?

I admit partially Wolf is right. Outrageous violations are indeed not the violations of the Amazon policy. That is because the policy is defective.

Let's start from the beginning. In around February I started picketing Amazon offices as a result of outrageous violations of the company. Amazon (as usual) retaliated this with locking me access to everything (emails etc), hate speech and other outrageous actions. I got threats of violence, insults and other Amazon "gifts". Well I expected this based on the experience of numerous other Amazon employees. What could I expect if after the complaint Amazon cuts breaks of the car of its own employee?

On 03/07/2019 I sent my complaint about threats and hate crime to Amazon HR. HR director Kelly Wolf promised to get back in 2 days. That was lies. She came back only in 2 months (today). She spent 2 months to tell me: "there is no violation of Amazon policy".

Did she carefully investigated that during 2 months?
Did she need a lot of time to gather all the evidence?
Did she research the law and consulted with others?
Nope. She waited 2 months until I complain to the federal agency. The agency solicited Amazon with the request. Wolf immediately sent me an email to tell "I did my job, I reacted to your complaint (even 2 months later)".

Here is the full email below. Wolf marked it as a "confidential" hoping I am afraid to publish it. Amazon cannot understand the simple thing. How can I afraid to publish their mockery if I am not afraid of their threats of violence? Public interest is more significant than the interest of Wolf. Public interest is more significant than the interest of Amazon.


[email hidden]
to:Oleg Churyumov <[email hidden]>
date:May 31, 2019, 5:08 PM
security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more
:Important according to Google magic.
Dear Oleg Churyumov,
On 03/07/2019 you raised concerns to our team.  Amazon takes concerns of this nature very seriously and has a process in place to investigate.  My role in this process was to be a fair and objective fact finder and to conduct and complete a thorough investigation.  As part of this process, I spoke with relevant parties and reviewed relevant documentation.
I completed a thorough investigation and did not find a violation of Amazon policy or standards of conduct.
As a reminder, Amazon has a policy prohibiting retaliation against anyone who has raised a complaint or who has participated in an investigation. Amazon expects that anyone who participates in an investigation will not engage in any retaliatory behavior – this applies to and has been discussed with all the parties in the investigation.  
Thank you again for raising your concerns and for your cooperation.  If you have any questions now or in the future, please let me know.
Thank you,
Kelly Wolf
Dir, Corp Employee Relations

The screenshot (look at the big word "Confidential"):

Glassdoor reports, HR director at Amazon is paid salary around $150,000. Wolf is for a long time with Amazon. So her salary might be $200,000 or even more. So, $200,000 is a fair price to cover the hate speech in the company. Happy customer of Amazon thinks his money are to feed children of warehouse workers. Nope. Their salaries are around 10 times less than the salary of Wolf and Amazon attorneys. Happy Amazon customer buys Prime account mostly to feed HRs and lawyers who hide the violations of the company.

No, Ms Wolf, I will not keep you mockery confidential. Nobody will help me. But we can help to other Amazon employees and to all the future applicants to know what really happens at Amazon.