Thursday, May 30, 2019

Amazon should stop spying for its employees

If you work for Amazon say goodbye to your personal life. You can be tracked and monitored at the street, at work and even at the entry of your home. It is not just location tracking. It is not reading personal emails. It is full time videotaping.

Of course every company should take care of its safety and security. Every company should fight external and internal threats.

But Amazon is going to far. Other companies fight competitors and fight for innovations. Amazon fights against its own employees.

Via it's agents and contractors, the company hires private detectives to spy on employees. The situation is especially outrageous because the reason for the persecution is an employee's complaint of physical injury.

The scheme is as follows:
Amazon injures you -> You complain -> Amazon persecutes you.

Definitely this is the reason to update our demand for changing Amazon inhuman policies. Unless the policies of entire company are changed, this can happen with any Amazon employee.

Amazon should issue the policy prohibiting the company and it's agents/contractors to spy on the employees by hiring private detectives.

Monday, May 27, 2019

How Amazon complains to the Court about my protest

Amazon lawyers make absurd complaint about my picketing

This happened couple of months ago. I was overwhelmed, thus I publish this only now.
I tried to start a litigation against Amazon due to its outrageous actions against employees.
I asked the Court for reimbursement of medical expenses and changing the Amazon policies.
During the litigation, I asked for a relief from the deadline.
In its response, Amazon lawyers complained to the Court about my protests:

Well, you can say: Oleg, it is a litigation and this is lawyer's response. It is a job of the company's lawyer to protect the company against enemies (i. e. against employees).

Amazon lawyer covers illegal company

That is partially correct. However, the job of the lawyer is to know the law and to apply the law.
That's why Amazon can pay to its lawyers about $1000 an hour. This is more than 50 times higher than paycheck to its warehouse associates.

The thing about Amazon is: Amazon violated to many laws, so the company cannot defend itself by the law. If I complain about Amazon, Amazon cannot find a law to protect the company. Thus, the company lawyers have only one way to protect the business: to use dirty means, go dirty ways.

That's why the lawyer complains about my absolutely legal picketing. This lawyer is paid $1000 an hour, but the lawyer does not include in his motion any law in support of his claim about my picketing! Because he has no law in support! Because the lawyer knows his claim has no merits.

It is not a surprise the Court rules against this lawyer:

Well, you can say: "Oleg, it is not a bad company. They just delegated legal proceedings to the legal firm. Maybe it is not a bad company, it is just a bad lawyer?"

Amazon hires everybody to persecute its employees

Unfortunately not. Even if a lawyer made such a mistakes, he/she acted on behalf of the company. Bad lawyer cannot be paid $1000 an hour.

Lawyer's creativity is bounded by the company's order. We can see the strong trend of delegation:
- Amazon delegated litigation to the legal firm. Then the legal firm makes absurd (knowingly senseless) complaints about the employee's picketing. Instead of sitting in the library with the law volumes, Amazon lawyer is monitoring social networks of the company's employees!
- Amazon delegated security of the building. Then the security guard illegally blocks the picketing.
- Amazon delegated insurance. Then the insurance company spies for injured workers.

Every time after Amazon delegates something to a contractor, the contractor starts unfairly and often illegally acting against Amazon employees. Maybe it is not a contractor who is bad? Maybe it is Amazon who is bad and defective?

Bezos is fighting for his life and for his wealth

However, I need to admit: it is reasonable for Amazon to pay to this lawyer. Yes, this lawyer costs like 50 warehouse workers. But often these lawyers save the company from multi-million penalties and verdicts. It is better to pay thousands to the lawyer rather than pay millions in lawsuit penalties.

Moreover, Amazon is forced to pay to these lawyers. This is simply because the company committed too many outrageous violations of the law. And if justice comes, all the billions of Jeff Bezos will not be enough to give a relief to the claims of all the employees who suffered in this illegal company. That's why Amazon pays to the lawyers. Not just because they want to pay. They are forced to pay. On a paper Jeff Bezos is a billionaire. But if justice comes, he is a pauper.

That's why Amazon HR investigations are false. That's why the company does not admit the fault even if the evidence is clear. They are afraid. Bezos is coward. He knows the company is inhuman. But if he admits it, thousands of employees will make a flood of complaints and lawsuits pushing Amazon to the bankruptcy. Bezos is just fighting for his wealth.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Funny anecdote about Amazon lawyers

(Picture from South Park)

Amazon lawyer meets his colleague who works for another (normal) company. They take a beer and share their memories about the work.

Normal company lawyer:
"I learned a lot working for this company. I got deep understanding of the law, attended trials and practiced discovery. This experience will allow me to succeed in my future career as an attorney."

Amazon lawyer:
"My experience was not so nice. My boss forced me to monitor social networks of the employees. Instead of practicing the law, I tracked our own employees, looking into their private emails, trying to find some dirt about them. I am not sure for which job this experience can be useful in the future. But definitely not an attorney career."

Friday, May 24, 2019

New improper Amazon policy found: "Act in the best interest of the company"

This policy should be removed as possibly illegal. The law protects employees' rights for self-organizing, fighting for the better working conditions and unionizing. But unionizing of employees is not "in the best interest of the company". The law protects employees from discrimination and retaliation. However it is not "in the best interest of the company" to investigate the discrimination complaint. Moreover, Amazon shows it is "in the best interest of the company" to retaliate.

This is the reason to update demand to Amazon to change its policies.

Monday, May 20, 2019

What is the source of Jeff Bezos power?

What is the secret of success of the richest man in the world?

Unique innovation and technology?

Nope. Amazon is a pure retail company. Buy cheap, sell expensive. Get the margin in your pocket. Spend it to protect yourself from your own employees.
Most of the Amazon technology is to improve the process of buying-selling. Making money faster.
The more inhuman the process, the more money Amazon makes.
Apart from retail, what ways does Amazon use to monetize the technology?
- Software helping to deport people out of the country
- System tracking the employees
- etc

Motivated employees who love the work?

Nope. Absolute majority of Amazon employees hate their work. They work for money only. Whether it is warehouse associate or software engineer. Even Amazon "soldiers" HR hate their job.
Most Amazon engineers dream to run away to the "normal" company. They only reason they stay at Amazon is they still don't have other offer.

The power of Bezos is simply our fear

Amazon employees don't like their work. The only thing holding them is fear:
- Fear to lose family income
- Fear to lose immigration status
- Fear to lose medical insurance for your relatives
- Fear of persecution (private detectives, attorneys, violence threats)

You can say: Oleg! You should replace "Amazon" word with "any big company". That is because any big company works like that. An employee of any company is afraid of losing his job.

My response is as follows. Yes it is true. Any company holds employees by paying salaries. However, the Amazon case is different. It is all about statistics. E. g. Amazon has abnormal level of suicides among fulfillment center employees. Amazon has abnormal level of immigrants among engineers because Americans don't want to work for Amazon. That allows the company to implement "working visa slavery".

But the scariest thing is treatment of relatives (dependents). Employees of any organisation are afraid of termination because of medical insurance for children, parents, spouse etc. This fear is especially high if some of relatives are disabled and needs regular treatment.

Amazon uses this fear in a hardest possible way. That is the outrageous distinction between Amazon and other companies. When Amazon retaliates employee's complaint, the company cancels medical insurance for the relative even if the employee is not terminated yet. Preventing to treat your disabled relative is even worse than the hostile environment.

This becomes especially hard in other countries where Amazon has its businesses. If an employee works not in the US, most probably he is not protected by COBRA program (providing insurance if an employee is terminated).

Of course, it is not a normal practice in other companies to commit threats of violence towards its own employees. But in Amazon it is. No, it is not a single case. It is a culture, because I have an evidence of more than one case.

So what to do?

Don't feed the monster with your fear

The major thing Bezos needs is to feel your fear. I get calories from cabbage and apples. Fast food lovers get calories from Big Mac. Bezos gets his calories from our fear.

Than he can push and squash you as much as he can because he knows you will endure. You will endure because you are afraid of consequences. Because you are afraid to complain.
But if all oppressed employees would complain simultaneously, join and fight together, the monster will run away. And Mr Bezos would feel the fear himself.

Don't become a victim. Don't be afraid to complain. Don't be afraid to become a whistle blower.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

What is one of the most popular reasons of wrongful termination at Amazon?

Mistake of supervisor?
Sexual harassment?
Private dislike of supervisor?

Earlier I described retaliation as a part of Amazon culture. And Amazon covers this retaliation under the huge layer of lies. However I bet there is another very popular reason for the wrongful termination. And in the future this could become even more popular than retaliation.

Ready? It is free speech restriction. Mainly by the false "pivot appeal" program.
The logic is very simple. And I told about it many times before. An employee is given a "chance" to appeal his termination action in front of the independent jury consisting of other employees.
The trap is: the employee is prohibited to speak about any law violations of his manager during this appeal.
Imagine a sexual assault lawsuit. The victim is told: "You are prohibited to tell to the jury about anything somehow related to the sexual assault. You can tell only how nice you are etc".

Again, I told about this many times before. Why I am raising this concern again? The reason is upcoming class action. I set a class action lawsuit as my main goal. But many people think it is difficult. To combine thousands of people in one process, analyze the data etc. Even the lawsuit with one plaintiff could be difficult and huge enough. For sure it should take much more effort to start a class action. And it should take much much much more effort to win it.

Nope. I do not agree. It is easy enough. Let's come back to the beginning of this post. Apart from other reasons for class action, lets take a look at the Amazon's pivot appeal procedure only. Even my grandma could start and win a class action based on pivot appeal. You still have a doubt? So did I. But now I have not. Let me explain.

My grandma is very old. She uses a cane. But she is still able to do some basic things. She can write emails. And she can read emails. And btw she has a computer! She only needs to:
(1) Go to the Court website and file a lawsuit (by filling in simple template and paying a fee)
(2) At the discovery stage, send email to Amazon requesting to disclose data of all the employees who were terminated after they lost at pivot appeal.
(3) Insert emails of all these employees into the addressee field of the email with a text: "Please file this template and join my class action lawsuit if you believe you were wrongfully terminated by Amazon"

I know, I know. My grandma also needs to survive pleadings stage, do a lot of bureaucracy and it is better for her to hire a lawyer. And for sure there are some things that I did not count here, thus this cannot be a full legal advice.

But the more important thing of grandma metaphor is as follows. The unfairness of the Amazon policies is so obvious. Thus to win class action against Amazon is much easy than against any other average regular company.

When I was a kid, my grandma fed me with delicious meals. That's why she supports my fight in everything except of hunger strike.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Amazon Van Vorst building - the Seattle location with the most alarmed security. Protesting today here

I was thinking for a long time, why security is alarmed here more than at other Seattle locations. Now I have an answer. HR headquarters is here.

That's why security kicked me out of here multiple times before.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

We have lyrics. The only remaining is the music. Song about Amazon

Looking forward for good music surrounding this.
05/19/2019 update: music is here

They yell at me, they yell at us:
"If you don't like this job, get out!
And your complaint does not make sense
You have no rights. So please get out!
We have HR, we have the guards
We have attorneys and the power!
We will beat shit out of you
We can do that cause you are nothing!
We will beat shit out of you
We can do that cause you are nothing!"

Oh Amazon Oh Amazon
Oppression, tortures, persecution
And I hear the voice of God
And I hear the voice of God
He asks to act and to protest
And he prohibits to be silent
And I speak up and I oppose
Cause God is stronger than Jeff Bezos
And I speak up and I oppose
Cause God is stronger than Jeff Bezos

Fulfillment center, heart of hell
The robot breaks the back of worker
Girl on the floor, she cannot stand
Yet she is young but yet disabled
HR then yells: "go back to work,
If you don't like this job, get out!"
Jeff Bezos looks at his insects
Cutting their legs, experimenting
Jeff Bezos looks at his insects
Cutting their legs, experimenting

Oh Amazon Oh Amazon
Oppression, tortures, persecution
And I hear the voice of God
And I hear the voice of God
He asks to act and to protest
And he prohibits to be silent
And I speak up and I oppose
Cause God is stronger than Jeff Bezos
And I speak up and I oppose
Cause God is stronger than Jeff Bezos

The pregnant mother asks for leave
But supervisor does not like it
He bullies her, he threatens her
Then she wakes up and see the doctor
"You child is dead, your life at risk,
Say thanks to God cause you are lucky"
Children of Bezos are alive
They are healthy, they don't suffer
Children of Bezos are alive
They are healthy, they don't suffer

Oh Amazon Oh Amazon
Oppression, tortures, persecution
And I hear the voice of God
And I hear the voice of God
He asks to act and to protest
And he prohibits to be silent
And I speak up and I oppose
Cause God is stronger than Jeff Bezos
And I speak up and I oppose
Cause God is stronger than Jeff Bezos

Convenient place to protest - Amazon Arizona building in Seattle

How to fight against Amazon not having money for the attorney

What would I tell to jury at trial against Amazon?

What if I would speak in front of jury trying Amazon?

I have never been at trial in lawsuit against Amazon... yet. But I would like to be there.
What if I would be there? What questions would I ask? What questions will I be asked?
What will I tell to jury in my final speech? Maybe something like that...

I would start my speech with ...

I don't know what is on your mind. Maybe you think Amazon did something bad with this guy. Or maybe you think Amazon did nothing bad. And he is just another "low-performer" who is trying to get his piece of big pie. He knows Amazon is multi-billion company. Maybe he does not deserve a bonus at work because he worked not better than others. That's why he fights in courtroom to get his "bonus".

You know what? Partially it is true. I am not the top-performer. And I do not deserve high yearly bonus at my company. Moreover, I really would like to cut some piece of this fat pie.

But there is something else I need to say. I am not the worst-performer. And I fight for another bonus. And the piece I want to cut is really huge. This piece is called justice for all.

I fight not for money. Nobody ever paid me for my protests at the street. In my claims, I do not specify certain amount of money. Instead, I would like to cut bigger piece of this pie. I would like to change Amazon policies. I would like them to make public statement. I would like every victim of Amazon to get a relief.

There are some victims not presented in this room. Many of them have no ability to represent them in the courtroom. Not only because they are poor. They worked for Amazon in another countries, where Amazon used local labor market and local laws to stay unpunished. One guy Ismaila worked 3 years for Amazon in Morocco. Amazon bullied and retaliated against him after his complaint to HR. As a retaliation, Amazon prevented medical treatment for his family and his pregnant wife lost the child.

This child could become a next engineer, doctor, even a president. But Amazon decided this life is not valuable. Amazon could try to mitigate this. The company could try to help his family. Or the company could try at least to say "We are sorry..," But the company did neither of that. Instead, Amazon terminated him.

I believed to every single word of Ismaila because I saw the similar treatment of the company. Like thousands of other employees. Regardless of the country, the company's toxic culture is the same. HR and management retaliated my complaints also.

I can't imagine the pain of Ismaila. I will never wish anybody else to experience that. That's why I decided to speak up. I printed photo of him on a banner and started picketing the Amazon office in NY. Guess what was the reaction of Amazon building security? Security of the building started to hide my banner! They bashfully surrounded me hoping that people around will not see it!

Then I realized what is called "the real FACE of Amazon". When I was dying on hunger strike without food and water, Amazon managers openly mocked me and threatened me with physical violence.

I am not afraid of attorneys because I have a faith

But they chosen the wrong guy because I am not afraid. They couldn't understand that I thank God for such a gift. I could not imagine better opportunity to fill my life with real sense. God gave me a chance to bring some value to humanity. And I am blessed to join this holly fight against cruelty. In the end of my life I will be proud of years I spent fighting Amazon and protecting its victims. Instead of regretting of years lost in front of TV. Or years lost working for Amazon as a slave. It is better to be a hero of the movie, rather than a viewer.

I am here alone without a lawyer. I have no millions of dollars for expensive attorneys. Amazon brought against me the squad of professional counsels. Look at them. They are armed with Harvard diplomas, licenses and tons of money.

Amazon already spent hundreds thousands of dollars on their services. Average lawsuit costs $200k - $1mln to the company. This is how the business spends money of its customers. Happy Prime customer thinks he spends $13 to create new workplaces and feed families of employees. Nope. Amazon spends this money to fight its employees. Amazon feeds its lawyers.

Do you know how much does attorney earn per hour? He earns 20 times higher than an employee! 20 times! Amazon fulfillment center worker gets $15 an hour. Attorney can get as high as $500 an hour! Amazon is able to spend 20 times more money to fight its employees rather than to support its employees!

Why Amazon is inhuman?

After all of that, I got answers to most of my questions.
I had a question what to do and I got the answer.
I had a question, should I protest? And my clear answer was "yes".
I had a question, should I afraid of them? And my clear answer was "no".
But there was one more question without an answer.

This question made me thinking numerous days and nights. And I did not get an answer. This question sounds like a simple question. This question is "Why?" Regardless of your verdict today I will not get an accurate answer to this question.

Why Amazon commits such inhumane experiments with its employees? Why Jeff Bezos cannot stop it? Jeff officially provides in his main leadership principle "Insist on the Highest Standards: Leaders have relentlessly high standards - many people may think these standards are unreasonably high. Leaders are continually raising the bar..." It is not single "bad manager" or single oppressed employee. It is the company's culture. Company's policies officially encourage to squash employees as much as supervisor can.

Is this only about the money? Jeff has $200 billion. It would be crazy to let children of employees die to get more money when you don't know where to spend them to. If the money is not the reason, then what is the root cause?

How can a person treat humans like small defenseless insects? Experiment with them like with insects, mock them and finally kill them. What a monster the person should be? I was terrified thinking about that. But then I found one thing about myself. And I became terrified even more.

I also was a monster. But I grew up

When I was 4 years old, I used to play in the yard near of our home. There was a lot of sand and grass on the ground - perfect place for children to play. And a lot of insects were living on that ground. Ants, bugs, caterpillars... These insects never did something bad to me or to my friends. They were just living with their families, growing children, eating grass and making ecosystem better. But me and my friends did terrible things with them.

I was small and stupid. I did not understand what cruelty is. I just followed my need to know something new, to discover this big world, to innovate. I took the bug and cut his leg. Then I observed how he will move. Then I cut another leg. And I was interested how bug will react. I didn't want to kill the bug. I just wanted to know what happens if I change something. How many legs does the bug need to move and survive. I didn't understand the bug has a family. I didn't know what is a death.

Then I grown up. Today I know what is cruelty and what is kindness. I know what does it mean to help and to forgive. To suffer and to sustain. To feel pain and to be happy. When I step on the grass, intuitively I look at the ground to make sure I will not squash somebody and will not make somebody else single parent. If I meet a bug at my home, I never squash it. I take it by my fingers and let it fly outside of the window.

I was sure everybody of us has grown up and everybody shares my values. But here is the mistake. Not everybody grown up. Not everybody is adult yet. Somebody is still a child. 55 years old child.

Jeff Bezos spent more than half of his life. He attended school and even created a family. But he did not grow up. He has powerful intelligence and physical body of adult person. But he did not develop his soul and he still has a spirit of 5 years old boy. He plays with spaceships. He plays with people like with small insects. He still wants to cut legs of bugs. He wants to know how much time can a bug move boxes without lunch and restroom until it dies in the fulfillment center. Jeff Bezos does not need a revenge. Jeff Bezos needs compassion and proper treatment.

Amazon bosses treat their own children in the best way the can

Children of Jeff Bezos are alive. They are happy and healthy.
When the mother (who was Amazon employee) suffered and observed her child death, guess what Jeff Bezos did? He enjoyed life with his family at the expensive hotel! Most of his employees would never afford to have a vacation in Norway.

Apart from Ismaila, I have my personal story. Child of my supervisor Uwais Khan is growing healthy and happy. Uwais even took 1 month paid leave to help his wife with taking care about the newborn! At the same time my daughter was sick. I took the leave in compliance with Amazon policy. When Uwais came back from his leave, he punished me for that leave. He disciplined me. He showed me omissions at my work during couple of days of my leave.

Do you have the loved one? Wife, husband? What would you feel if your boss would prevent you from seeing your wife? Not for one day, not for one week. For half a year. It is not all. What would you feel if your boss would prevent you from seeing your daughter? What would you feel if your boss would prevent you from treating your daughter when she is seek?

If we will not stop them, they will go further

In the year of 2015 famous article of New York Times about bruising workplace of Amazon was published. I worked there since 2017. I testify, since then the situation only became worse.

The nature of the monster is to grow until it meets obstacle. Amazon monopoly did not meed natural obstacles yet. It is our duty to oppose. Or it will go further. What will happen tomorrow? What if your children would work for Amazon? Your grandparents? What if somebody of them would be treated like that?

Today Amazon is $800 billion company. This monster eats and grow, eats and grow. It consumes everything. And it destroys everything that is opposing its growth: employees, families, children. Its DNA restricts neither its size neither level of cruelty.

But you know what? I already won regardless of your verdict. No, I don't predict the future. And I don't know what is on your mind. But I won in front of God. Tonight I will come back home. And I will tell something to my family and to God. Regardless of your verdict I will tell them: I did everything I could. I have no doubts, I don't regret. If you made the verdict, God wanted it to be in that way. I have nothing else to do. I have nothing to lose. And I am already happy.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Amazon pays for fraud, Amazon pays for persecution

Amazon wastes money of taxpayers

I don't want to claim money in the pocket of Jeff Bezos. He has $200 billion. And it is his money. Nobody can take it, even disabled and injured employees in his fulfillment centers. Employees can take it only via the Court proceedings or labor union bargains (that's why I encourage unionizing and that's why Amazon illegally prevents unionizing).

But I want to claim the way Amazon spends its money. No, I don't ask to increase salaries or to provide additional benefits (BTW labor unions can do that also). I am just looking at the current expenses of the company.

The more expenses the less the profit of the company. The less profit the less taxes are to be paid. That is because profit tax is calculated as a percentage of the profit. Last time Amazon paid "$0 for schools, firefighters, infrastructure, research and health-care." That means, society and taxpayers suffer if Amazon increase expenses in improper way. Now let's take a look at where does Amazon spends money to.

Here is a message to happy Amazon customer. Do you think $20 from your Prime package goes to families of Amazon employees? Do you think your money support their health benefits? Do you think your purchase feed their children? Mostly not. Large part of your customer price is wasted by the company on the non-necessary war against its own employees.

Amazon holds semi-monopoly power on some of its markets. That means, customers have no choice. They will buy anyway and they will pay anyway. This results in significant abuse of power from the side of the company. The company abuses its employees. Like a fascist government, it uses its monopoly power to spend money on the security of the government, not on the positive social impact.

Kim Jong-un spends government budget on police and army to protect himself from his own people. At the same time, his people in North Korea are dying as a result of starvation.
Jeff Bezos spends customers money on HR, attorneys and falsifying public opinion. At the same time, his employees commit suicides.
The major difference between Jeff and Kim is body weight. Credit goes to Jeff.

Jeff Bezos knows how unhappy his employees are. It seems like he suffers paranoia: instead of spending money on human working conditions, he buys bulletproof windows for his room.

Amazon spends $millions on HR to protect from the employees

HR takes large share of the company employees. Huge budget is spent on their salaries. Definitely, these are expenses decreasing the profit (and hence tax base). Amazon HR do not calculate salaries, bonuses, taxes or benefits. Other guys (often outsourced) are doing this. Amazon HR is responsible for persecution of employees. For persecution of those who complain about law violations. These employees are not welcome in the company. Company is not interested to be charged with the violation of the law. Thus, Amazon has HR. Overall, work of HR is false at Amazon:

  • HR perform false "investigations". Their goal is to protect the business from the employee rather than the employee himself.
  • HR walks the employee through the false "performance improvement plans" (PIP). PIP creates a visibility of "coaching". At the lawsuit, Amazon will tell: "we did not terminate the employee, we gave him a chance and we coached him". In fact, the trick is that PIP is assessed by the same manager who placed the employee on PIP. Say the manager sexually assaulted his female subordinate. To remove the witness, the manager places her on PIP. The subordinate has no chance because the PIP is assessed by the same manager.
  • HR walks the employee through the false "pivot appeal" program. The employee is given a chance to appeal in front of the independent jury. But he is prohibited to tell to this jury about any violation of the law. Say manager raped his subordinate and then he wants to fire her via the pivot. The girl is prohibited to tell at the appeal that she was raped.
Recently, Amazon even created special "Employee Relationship" department. These are "special forces" of HR to fight against employees. Of course, everything is sponsored by the Amazon customers' money.

Amazon spends $millions on attorneys

When I tried to do a litigation against Amazon, I met the most expensive and professional attorneys firm. In average, I assume their hour costs $500-$1000. 1 hour! How much does 1 hour of Amazon fulfillment center associate cost? $15?

Amazon can use attorneys expenses to decrease its profit (and taxes). But there is a way to decrease these expenses. Of course, every company should protect itself from the lawsuits and in the lawsuits. But there is a way to avoid lawsuits. If the company would change inhuman policies, employees would less likely sue Amazon.

Are attorneys the only legal soldiers of Amazon fighting against its own employees? Nope. Amazon has an army of various professionals to persecute its own employees. E. g. private detectives spying for injured workers.

Amazon wastes money to manipulate public opinion

As a result of outrageous situation in the company, the Amazon reputation is near of the bottom. With such reputation, company has serious problems with hiring employees, especially qualified ones. Thus, the company tries to manipulate the reputation somehow, of course in non-fair way.

Jeff even bought Washington Post for $250 million.

Amazon invested in shameful Amazon Ambassador program aimed to manipulate social networks opinion.

Even at the street, paid security of Amazon building prevents public protests.

Adolf Hitler's government also manipulated social opinion in non-fair ways. It even had special "ministry of propaganda". After that, you blame me for comparison of Bezos and Hitler?

Now we have 2 small armies

These are armies of volunteers who kindly agreed to help me.

First army is couple of engineers (not including me). I was never modest. But even just one engineer is an army himself, look at me. Definitely, 2 engineers are the army also. They will work on mobile app for unionizing employees. Unfortunately, achieving full independence by peer to peer exchange is not possible here. Thus, standard firebase will be used. If anybody has original ideas for the app - please send to my Facebook. We don't need tech help. But we need ideas rather on the side of interface and social utility. The questions are:
- How can the union power (especially strikes) be realized online?
- How can the union power be realized regardless of the location? Online app means independence from the offline office or fulfillment center site. While offline unions are usually (as far as I understand) organized and restricted locally.

The second army is the video editor and scenario writer. That is for the full time documentary movie about Amazon. We have more than enough footage. But we have less than enough original ideas. Creativity for the movie ideas is not restricted. If you think you know how the movie should look like, give me an idea tip at my Facebook, and your name will be in movie captions forever.

Old protest at new place: Amazon Arizona

Amazon should outsource HR investigations

Why I didn't suggest this before? It is so obvious. This suggestion for sure should be included in my proposals.

Amazon outsourced a lot of functions to decrease its liability:

  • Injury insurance. If employee is disabled and not paid for that, Amazon would say: it is not me, it is the insurance company who refused to pay.
  • Security guards. If guards abuse their power to protect Amazon from protests of employees, Amazon shares its liability with the contractors. Amazon would say: it is not me, it is my mercenary who unlawfully kicks out your protest.

  • Onsite nurses. The employee can get a fracture and a nurse gives her Ibuprofen and says to come back to work. Then Bezos would say: it is not me, it is a 3rd party contractor who was inhuman.

  • Ethics hotline. It is funny, Amazon outsourced even service of accepting HR complaints over the phone. So nobody can tell that Amazon "doesn't accept complaints".
  • Lawyers protecting the company from its employees. Amazon has very deep pockets to pay $millions to protect the company from every single employee. If lawyers "beat up" the injured employee in the courtroom, Amazon would say: it is not me, it is my mercenary lawyer.
  • "Mental health counselling". This is the program that the company offers to employees. Stressed and depressed workers can call counselor over the phone. This program sucks. Amazon, following its "frugality" principle, got one of the cheapest and worst providers. Thus, talking to this "counselor" increases the probability of suicide rather than prevents it. However, after an employee commits suicide, Amazon would say: we did everything to help him, we even have a mental counseling program.

But there is one function Amazon never wants to outsource. HR investigations will never be independent. Amazon lies that the company created "independent" team in within the company specially for the investigation. This is the most impudent fraud I ever heard. The company took part of HRs and renamed them from "Human relationship" to "Employee relationship" team. And then these "employee relationship" specialists lie to everybody that they are independent of the company. BTW, they are still subordinates of HR director on the organization hierarchy. E. g. when I sent complaint to the director of this false team with the call for unionizing, they immediately locked my access to the emails and corporate network. Maybe that is because they are "independent" to much?

Amazon lies to the employees: "Employee relationship team is independent from the business".
At the same time, job listing says: "The Employee Relations team is responsible for reducing risk to the business". The same postings says, Employee Relationships members were HRs in the past.

Amazon knows, HR is not to protect the employees. HR is to protect the company from the employees. Amazon will never pay salary to guys who say to the company "you violate the law". Instead, Amazon will always pay a good money to HRs who say to employees "your complaint has no merit, there is no violation here, go back to work".

BTW Amazon HR average salary is $60k. The minimum for HR is $30k - the same as average salary of other employees, $30k. That means, in average HRs are paid twice more than other employees. Well, it is logical. Other employees are paid just for work - the usual deal. But HR has extraordinary deal. HRs are paid for fraud. Not everybody agrees to commit law and ethics violations every day for money. That's why such false people are paid more. They are in high demand at Amazon. If there would not be ethics and public opinion, Amazon would post job openings like:
"False person wanted! Ready to lie every day? Ethics and morale is nothing for you? Have no pity to disabled workers and pregnant women? Come and join us! Amazon HR, salary is twice higher than company average!"

That's why my proposal is as follows. Amazon should outsource its Employee Relationships team functions to the 3rd party contractor. It could be independent legal firm. E. g. Amazon pays $millions to external attorneys to protect the company from lawsuits of employees. For sure they have money to do the same to protect employees themselves.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Small protest at Seattle spheres. Security is more peaceful here than in NY

Security of Amazon building in NY claims public sidewalk as its own to p...

We report outrageous retaliation by Amazon to ethics hotline

Start of the story is here
Today we called Amazon Ethics Hotline at 877 781 2416.

Here is the short contents of Ismaila's complaint to the Amazon ethics hotline:

I made a complaint to the management and HR about national (race) discrimination (which is illegal). The training was performed with the discrimination based on race because they restricted national (race) language: arabic instead of french.

As a result of this and another complaints, I was retaliated. I was bullied and my wife who works with me was bullied. Manager knew that she is pregnant. But he retaliated my complaints and bullied my wife and assigned her much more job.

Management was informed that my wife was pregnant and she had difficulty with pregnancy. Despite on that, Amazon cancelled medical insurance for my wife as a retaliation.

My wife was not be able to get emergency medical help because Amazon cancelled her insurance. And she lost the baby.

After that Amazon continued to retaliate. Amazon refused to help to my wife with treatment after she lost the baby.

I complained to HR and HR denied to investigate.

Then Amazon continued to retaliate. They wrongfully terminated me and refused to pay the remaining salary.

And here is additional information that Ismaila shared, but which was not mentioned in the call:

Please see additional information about the hostile work environment that we met at Amazon. This was the result of retaliation by Amazon for complaint about illegal inhuman company practices.  As I mentioned earlier to ethics line representative, after my wife's surgery and the death of our baby, Amazon gave no vacation to my wife. 

After the 30 days given to her by her doctor, she had to restart working without proper treatment. At that time Amazon proposed an option of "work at home" for all the customer service employees. We applied for this option due to my wife's health. Amazon denied to provide this option for us with no good cause. At the same time, other employees were allowed to work from home.

By that time the Amazon transportation for employees did not cover the area where we were living. That means, denial to allow us to work from home resulted in extraordinary hardship for us.

We used one car to drive together to Amazon facilities. Thus, we could not afford to work on different time schedules. Amazon set up different schedules for us and denied to adjust schedule of my wife (who suffered surgery after child died). All the other married employees were allowed to change their schedules at our site Rba1.

When denying our requests, management knew about our situation. But they continued to discriminate and retaliate.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Amazon knows how turn employee's life to a nightmare

Amazon did its best to create a lot of problems for me for the last couple of weeks. The more problems I have the more time I spend to resolve them. The more time I spend on problems, the less time I spend on protests. Amazon is smart. I was overwhelmed with problems and didn't have time to protest more and share the updates.

Amazon attempted to get access to my medical records. Then, they informed me that they are not going to continue my leave. That means automatic termination:
- if I return to work, I am terminated via fake "pivot";
- if I do not return to work, I am terminated for the failure to return to work.

Termination is especially bad for me because my working visa application with USCIS will be cancelled. I will not be deported immediately, but if I will not get other immigration status, the deportation is the worst perspective. Since Amazon is very smart, they found how to harm me hereby also.

Amazon retaliated my protests and attempts for unionizing when I sent email to other employees. The company locked my laptop, locked access to the working network and working email. The working email was used in particular to maintain conversation with the working visa team from Amazon. Then, this team was not able to contact me with urgent matters of application because Amazon locked my email. And the visa status was jeopardized.

Fortunately, finally the visa team reached me over my private email. However this seems to be the result of luck. Overall it shows the demeanor and the culture of retaliation in the company.

Thus, the best advice for everyone who applies for a job or works for Amazon is: apply for another company if you have a chance to do so because of the following:
- Other company will not retaliate against you in the most outrageous ways.
- Other company will not jeopardize life of your children just to retaliate your complaint
- Other company will not jeopardize your immigration status just for retaliation
- Other company will not tolerate suicides of its employees

Last week I did protest in NY and my friend helped me with video taping. Thanks a lot to him. But due to some technical problems the videos are not available yet. As soon as I get them, new fun with security of Amazon building will be available on YouTube. Looking forward for new protests in Seattle soon.