Thursday, February 28, 2019

02/28/2019. Hunger strike. Day 3. Amazon Spheres

Hunger strike. No food. No water. Until Amazon changes inhuman policies.

In the end of the life we will not be proud about a huge number of comments we left on the Internet remaining Anonymous. But we will be proud about doing things that nobody has done before.
In the end of the life we will not be proud about huge part of life spent working for Amazon.
Oh yes. And daily weighing. Body adjusted to fasting conditions and for now my weight is 161 lbs. So I lost only 1.5 lb.
For the last days I don't get much comments on my blog. Yesterday I got the one and to be honest I deleted it. I was tired, stressed, depressed. I shouldn't delete this comment. It was made by Mr Anonymous. Finally I realized this comment is in my favor. That was a link with video "Who the hell cares?"
Earlier I got messages from other guys supporting me saying: your action is not efficient. Amazon doesn't care about you. Amazon even doesn't care about health of warehouse workers. Ambulance is staying near of the warehouse instead of providing healthy working conditions. My response is: this is the exact sense of my action. To show, to prove: Amazon doesn't care about our health, Amazon doesn't care when employees die, Amazon doesn't care when their relatives die. I am on the 3rd day of hunger strike without water and I feel myself the winner. Amazon doesn't react at all. Can the evidence be more clear than that?

Physical condition:
I feel myself warmer. Weather in Seattle is almost the same. But the body warms itself more. There is some biological process: the more warm - the less water, hence the less water - the more warm.
Brain works well, I can work with laptop like in normal course of things.
And I save a lot of time by not eating :)

9:30 am

I am near of Amazon Spheres, at my usual place.

First things first. Need to set up the banner.

Bungee cords is the necessary thing any protester should have.

If there are public bars, trees etc which are not private - they can help to hold the banner

Everything is ready. Now sitting with laptop and relaxing
And relaxing again

Here is how other Amazonians see me

And here is how I see them


If somebody sees my face and thinks I am sad because of strike - I am not. I am sad because I read news update about another suicide committed at Amazon fulfillment center by Amazon worker.

We meet here with international journalists making documentary movie about Amazon. Oh, it is hard job to be an actor.

We spent here a lot of time while operator made videos from multiple positions. Journalists were so nice, I did everything I could for them. The more people will know the true about Amazon the better.

Apart from European journalists, people on the street make photos of me.

Amazon security saw the big camera of journalists and approached us immediately.

Initially, they started assembling in the hallway of Amazon

They told about rights (or having no rights) to stay at Amazon property etc. Finally they agreed we are on the public sidewalk.

If Amazon prevents journalists from shooting protest, what does Amazon hide? We know.

Amazon security leave the scene without hope to stop my videotaping

They can't do anything with us while we are on the public sidewalk (which is property of people, not of Amazon)

I made few shots of security guy on my phone. He asked me to stop taping. I said, no. When I protested near of Van Vorst Amazon building, security guys video taped my leafleting, myself, told me directly that they "will document everything". When I made a shot of security, they asked me to stop. Where is the logic?

Other people can come and stay in between of Amazon Spheres. Nobody is asked to leave. But when journalists videotaping protest, Amazon asks to leave its property immediately. There is something this company is hiding.

Guys from union for service workers working for Amazon told me they are even prohibited to make posts on social networks. That sucks.

11 am
I am completely out of electricity. I forgot to charge power bank and laptop yesterday falling sleep.

Now going to Seattle Central Library for electricity and to make myself warm.
Tomorrow I will be between Seattle Times and Amazon Arizona following advice in the comment.
Then I can get attention of both.

1:30 pm
Got some charge for laptop and power bank. Instead of Spheres, I will go to Amazon Arizona now. Why wait? Will be there in about 1.5 hour.
I spoke with Seattle Times journalist. He also told me about some terrible cases that he heard from Amazon employees. But nobody promise to make a publication :( Instead they suggested working for Seattle Times as an engineer.. I am not looking for a job yet ...

Posted petition at Care2 here. I have no opportunity to promote it. But if you can, please sign it. Even if it will get 10 signatures, I will be happy.

In the end of the day I got official response from the Amazon. It was very simple: "You are asshole, ... low performer, ... criminal, .... need to kick your ass..." You don't believe?
My manager Uwais Khan has nothing else to respond. He didn't argue with my story. He didn't argue about facts of oppression. The only thing he can respond is to post some unrelated dirt about me. Which is related neither to my story nor to the Amazon. Unless "Anonymous" guys send me their names, photos and badges, by default I admit this as an official response from Amazon. The only guy interested to insult me is my manager Uwais Khan. When I complained about him to HR, he laughed together with HR in front of my face. He is still laughing.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

02/27/2019. Hunger strike. Day 2.

Hunger strike. No food. No water. Until Amazon changes inhuman policies.

My weight as of today is 162.6 lbs.
I lost 5 pounds in 1 day. Like I said, I have the most efficient way to lose weight if somebody needs it :)
Yesterday I had hunger for food only. There was no need for water. But today I started feeling hunger for water. Well, strike is still strike. And this strike is strike without water. I will not drink, show must go on.
It was hard to wake up to. Music helped. Pulse is high. I am tired.
One smart guy said: "Body suffers but soul is happy".
What was nice: during the night I saw really good dreams, no nightmares. I slept well. But would like to sleep more. Unfortunately, need to wake up with dawn because I have a lot to do.
Will be near of Spheres at around 11 am today.

11 am.
Feeling myself tired. But better than in the morning. A bit late, will be at the Spheres at

11:30 am.
Today I got chair, it will be more comfortable rally.

1:30 pm.
It is so cold here. Especially during fasting. And I want to make myself warm and sleep so much. Going home now, will be back tomorrow.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

02/26/2019. Hunger strike. Day 1.

Hunger Strike. No food. No water. Until Amazon changes inhumane policies.

Hunger strike without water. Day 1.
Let's go.

I declare hunger strike without food, without water, without anything else (vitamins etc). The only thing I take in is air.
Since yesterday night, I didn't eat, didn't drink anything.
I strike because I want Amazon to change its inhumane policies. My proposal of changes is here.

My story of oppression at Amazon is here.
Since my first publication, a lot of people contacted me and shared their stories. They asked me to continue fighting because I fight not for myself only. Thousands of employees at Amazon suffer and it is not normal. It is not just single example. It is toxic culture growing from toxic company policies. If nobody stops this, they will go further.
It is not normal that employees are punished because their parents are dying. It is not normal that employees are punished because their children are disabled. It is normal that employees are prevented to use restrooms and peeing in the bottles. Every year situation becomes worse. Google it if you didn't do so yet, and you will be surprised. The situation in Amazon is so bad, then the company even pays money for posts of bots on the Internet to somehow improve its reputation.

I personally confirm this because I worked for Amazon since 2017. If we will not stop them what will be next year? Every year the company becomes more rich and powerful. The later we start to oppose the more difficult it will be.

I don’t fight against Amazon. I don’t fight against its business. I wish to Amazon and Jeff the best. Rather I fight against the toxic culture and oppression. I fight against its policies and principles. By taking this feedback Amazon can become more successful company. In the long term, they can’t sustain on the principles of inhumanity.

Initially my plan was:
In the morning, I will come to Whole Foods at Denny way and stay there with the banner. Yeah, it is funny to hunger strike in front of the store which is full of food. But this is the most crowded place. Then I can attract much attention. Also on the other side of the road there is Amazon HR building. They will see my banner every day. Then everybody will know their reaction or lack of reaction. Nobody could tell “Amazon didn’t know about that”.
But Whole Foods (owned by Amazon) asked me to leave. Now I will stay near of the Spheres, on the side of 6th Ave. Forgive me Amazon, I will use your Internet.

It is cold outside. While fasting, I will feel colder. Thus, I will make breaks by making myself warm in the nearest store, cafe, my friend’s car or library. According to scientists, first days my body will even need restroom. I will clean teeth and if possible take a shower. Science tells body smells not good during starvation.
To avoid accusations of eating or drinking something, I want to make everything clear and transparent. Thus, every day I will make weighing, videotaping it and posting online. Anyone is welcome to approach me in person and ask to demonstrate weighing.
My weight as of today is 168 lbs.

Unfortunately, I can’t sleep near of Amazon office during such cold nights (but I would like). Thus, I will go my place in the northern Seattle until the next morning.

Today I have sent email to Jeff at with the contents of this post.
In response to NYT article, Jeff sent email to everybody saying “if you know of any stories like those reported, I want you to escalate to HR. You can also email me directly at Even if it’s rare or isolated, our tolerance for any such lack of empathy needs to be zero”.
Let’s see whether tolerance of Jeff to that is zero or not. It was 3 years after NYT publication. Culture is still the same.

I you support me, please share this post to anywhere on the Internet. Send the link to your friend - even that helps.
If you disagree with me, just show up, come and discuss. Write me a message. Locate me on Facebook. Give me a call. I promise open discussion with anyone who can open himself and bring arguments without insulting. Don’t stay anonymous. Don’t let others think you are Amazon Ambassador troll. You risk nothing if you tell your name whether in person or on the Internet and bring true logical arguments.

PS: I am not kidding, I'm not bluffing.

9 am.
Came to Whole Foods
Fixed the banner on the wall.

9:20 am. Free speech is restricted again. Whole Foods manager called sheriff and they approached me together. By sheriff I mean real big guy with a gun, form and cool black glasses. Manager asked me stop doing it near of the Whole Foods. Well, I am not surprised because of the following. Amazon officially bought Whole Foods. There was a homeless guy right near of me near of the Whole Foods. He was there for the last 2 weeks every day (I saw him during the protest). He was never asked to go away. As soon as I started hunger strike, I was asked.

9:40 am. Maybe this is even better. Instead of Whole Foods, I can strike right near of the Amazon building. For now I am near of the Spheres, on the side of 6th Ave. I changed the initial description of the post. I took the public sidewalk (property of the City of Seattle). Now I can be asked to leave only if Jeff would bribe the City.
Short video of today:

5 pm.
It became really cold. Spoke with few people and went home. I feel myself tired. Just need to charge electronics, then sleep and come back tomorrow to Spheres. Maybe watch some movie about public protests.

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Monday, February 25, 2019

02/25/2019. Preparing for tomorrow

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

Tomorrow there will be a big rally. I am overwhelmed preparing for tomorrow. Will not strike today. Since tomorrow, it will be every working day. It will be big strike in the Cuckoo's Nest
Image result for jack nicholson one flew over the cuckoo's nest

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Sunday, February 24, 2019

02/24/2019. Amazon pays for posts in social networks

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

Happy Sunday. Looking forward for big protest on Tuesday.
Apart from that, a bit of fun. Sad fun. I mean it is funny and sad at the same time. Funny because people are laughing on that. Sad because it is true. Amazon pays to its employees for posts on social networks about the company.

Amazon asks only "loyal" employees for posts:
- those who worked for some time
- those who made referral to Amazon job to his friend
Last year my friend asked me to send Amazon opening to him.
I SWEAR UNDER OATH I was personally asked to make a post on the social networks. Not but my manager. In that case he is not guilty.

Respectfully Jeff raised the minimum wage to $15/hour. But only after Senator forced him to do so. But what if a person who is not a Senator asks Jeff?
Company harms itself. For example some people criticize them. I respectfully respond to some of them and sometimes admit the feedback. Critics of some of these people is very reasonable. However Amazon Ambassador makes us thinking that ALL of them are bots. Even those who are real.

We need black glasses to distinguish Amazon Ambassador guys on the Internet.

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

02/23/2019. Weekends...

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

Taking rest today. Next protest is scheduled on Tuesday. So Monday is day off also. Need time to clear my stuff and prepare well.
To all the trolls posting negative insulting comments: God bless you.
Amazon implements inhumane conditions of work and it is not good. However, I need to say "Thank you" and "God bless you" to Jeff and Amazon. Thank you for the chance to express myself. To speak on public, to fight for my civil rights. People appreciate my courage and say how difficult it is. However, in the end I feel myself happiest person in the world because nobody else is doing that.

People tell me: why do you need that? Take care of yourself and your family. Why should you take care of Amazon and other people suffering? I have no answer. But he has:

What is our value if we can follow easy way only?

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Friday, February 22, 2019

02/22/2019. Amazon representatives respond with insults

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

Here is a tip for all who wants to insult me. I have an immunity to insults. I am not Oleg Churyumov anymore. My name is "Civil fight against inhumanity in Amazon". I represent numerous employees who sent me messages with their stories and employees prevented to use restrooms at Amazon warehouses and oppressed. If you want to insult me, you insult all of us.

Seattle weather is against me. Rain and cold. Will take a rest today, no protesting.

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

02/21/2019. How Amazon forces to quit. They don't prohibit discrimination based on the association with disabled relative

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

And here is the must watch. If you would watch the only one thing of my blog, watch THIS:

6 am. Morning news from the last year:
I admit Jeff raised minimum salary to $15 an hour after that. But only after Senator and Media forced him to do that. The good thing is Amazon fulfillment centers workers can get survival minimum now. But the bad thing is how did they achieve that. Amazon was forced. Amazon understands force only. Amazon will never do good things in good faith.

Running in the night and broadcasting about how Amazon forces to quit:

Looking forward to protest today at the public intersection close to Doppler building. The good thing is I have different feeling about protest yet. 1 week ago it was like a spacecraft launch for me. Today it is like daily routine. Most people go to work daily. I protest daily.

People are writing to me asking not to give up and saying words of support. We can if Liu Kang could. Liu Kang knew how to fight Amazon.

Another note is about Amazon Pivot:

Finally, protest itself:

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

02/20/2019. Nobody forces us to work for Amazon

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

Today at Whole Foods again. Cannot resist to temptation of meeting big crowd of people here.
Thanks to Y Combinator support in comments, I have much more motivation to continue. Now I don't need to force myself to stay at the street. I come here daily like to regular job. But this is better than job.
Today my Amazon team members got link to my blog. Immediately after that, I was removed from the team chat.

As an engineer, I was not prohibited to go to the toilet. But warehouse workers were prevented as per CBS. I think we need to realize something and open our eyes. We need to take a look outside of our desk. Amazon employs 600,000 workers. Most of them are not white collar like me. And they are treated worse than animals. Animals are not prohibited to go to the restroom. Again, it is hundreds of thousands of people. How can we be silent? Tomorrow our children can be treated like that. If we will not stop that they will go further.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

02/19/2019. Thank you Jeff Bezos for these skills. Y Combinator gets 400 comments

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

Rally at Whole Foods:

Another thing: got a lot of comments from Y Combinator news.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

02/18/2019. Presidents Day - no Public protest today

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

Happy Presidents' Day!
No protest today. I know Amazon disrespect this holiday and Amazonians work today. But I will not.
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Sunday, February 17, 2019

02/17/2019. I am not attacking, I am defending. Demanding to change Amazon policies

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

Another weekend. Sunday gives time to take a shower and prepare for upcoming strike.
Looking forward to act tomorrow.

People tell me: "Why do you need this attack? What are you starting this war for?"
Well, I do not advise anyone to misrepresent the intentions.
I don't attack. I didn't start the war. I am defending myself. I was attacked. The war has been started against me.
I lost the most valuable things - honor, civil rights, dignity.
I will not give up until I get everything back.
Ok let's go.
It is enough. Enough pain, enough fascism and genocide. If we will not stop them, they will go further. I would like Amazon to change inhuman policies.
To stop oppression, discrimination, mockery and humiliation the company should:
  • Remove leadership principle "Insist on highest standards". Leaders have relentlessly high standards, so high that many people may think these standards are unreasonably high if they harm health, lives of employees and their relatives. Leaders are continually raising the bar and driving their teams to deliver high quality products, services and processes, so parents can't see children, relatives are dying not saying good bye last time. Leaders ensure that defects do not get sent down the line and that problems are fixed so they stay fixed because it is more important than simple humanity. This leadership principle is official approval for oppression of employees families as much as managers can.
  • Remove leadership principle "Are Right, A Lot". Leaders are right a lot. They have strong judgment and good instincts. In fact this sounds like "Managers are right a lot". If I disagree with my manager and complain, I am retaliated. Manager is always "right a lot". Respectfully I know a lot of nice and smart engineers and managers in Amazon. But respectfully average Amazon manager is much less qualified then analogue from say Google. Amazon manager usually is qualified neither with technical nor with managing skills. Thus, we finally have: Non-qualified are right a lot. Then it is not a surprise that non-qualified are right in oppression, are right in discrimination, are right in their stupidity.
  • Remove leadership principle "Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit". Leaders are obligated to respectfully challenge decisions when they disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting. Leaders have conviction and are tenacious. They do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion. The reason for removal here is the same as for principle "Are Right, A Lot". It is lie to say that both manager and employee have the same equal rights applying this principle. The change I propose is the same: "It is prohibited to retaliate in any way against the subordinate for opposing the opinion of the supervisor".
  • Implement HR policy against discrimination based on the association with disabled person. Employees having disabled children and relatives should not be discriminated. This is a federal law: Americans with Disabilities Act 42 U.S. Code § 12112 (b)(4). Many horrible examples are described in well-cited NYT article. For example Amazon employee was disciplined because her father was was dying. Amazon promised multiple times to change its policies but they lied. HR policy still allows to all the managers such type of discrimination. It is not toxic people, it is toxic culture.
  • Stop prohibiting free speech at the "pivot appeal" procedure. This is a fake "court" created by the company to show visibility of justice against terminated and poor-performing employees. Famous Bloomberg article calls it "Kangaroo court". The most interesting thing is HR prohibits to employees tell about discrimination, mockery, hostility and retaliation of their manager during this appeal. So, this "court" judges can't see the real reasons of the conflicts between the manager and subordinate. It would be honored for Amazon if they could roll back and reverse all the previous unfair pivot decisions.
  • Implement HR policy against retaliation for taking leave to take care for sick children/dependents. Retaliation is illegal under both federal and state laws. But it is allowed by Amazon policy.
  • Change policies about HR investigations of complaints made by employees. As at now, Amazon employee almost has no chance if he complains about his manager. HR makes a visibility of investigation to tell later in the court: "we did what we can". HR protects company from employees, HR does not protect employees. Investigation mostly results in nothing. Then, often immediately after investigation employee meets retaliation by manager and termination. Investigation is performed solely by HR specialist. In the beginning of the investigation, this HR says something like "I am independent, I am a part of the separate Employee Relationship department". In fact this Human Bullshiting department is part of HR and subordinates to HR head. There is no independence. To be fair, investigation should be performed in a way of "pivot appeal" without restriction of free speech: employee should have a chance to speak about discrimination and hostility of the manager, present evidence and get justice from independent randomly chosen colleagues.
  • Inform employees of all levels and all badge colors whether working for Amazon or for vendors about changed policies. Make it necessary for blue badge managers to pass the training about new policies.
  • Implement HR policy against punishing employees for filing feedback about supervisor in Amazon Connect or any other system. Implement HR policy making Amazon Connect reports about the manager not visible to the next 3 management levels up of this manager.
  • Abandon shameful program for manipulating public opinion in social networks. It is disrespectful to any information consumer who thinks he has a right to know the true. It is a fundamental First Amendment right. If Amazonian sends referral for Amazon job to his friend, Amazon asks him for a post on social network: they think only happy employees can send referrals, they don't ask unhappy employees for social networks posts. Amazon reputation is the direct result of its oppression policies. To change reputation, they should change the policies. They can't change reputation paying for posts in social networks. It would be honored for Amazon to make a roll back and remove all the fake accounts and posts.
  • Immigration benefits should not be subject to manager's approval. Once employee is hired, his immigration benefits should be approved automatically. Nobody should have a right to stop the sponsorship until employee quits. Otherwise it gives to managers a wide range of options for oppression and discrimination. Manager knows, he can force this guy to work 16 hours a day + weekends because he in fact has a power to deport subordinate out of the country. Btw discrimination based on immigration status is prohibited by the federal law. But in fact it is allowed in Amazon.
  • Prohibit illegal tracking of employees' privacy at restrooms at the fulfillment centers. Prohibit to track schedules of using restrooms. Prohibit to retaliate for using restrooms.
  • Review and change fulfillment center work conditions which are detrimental to the health of employees. By work conditions hereby we mean any condition related to work including but not limited to work schedule, work load, work nature etc. For example, it is not detrimental to health to lift 30 pounds of weight. But it is definitely detrimental to do this repeatedly without breaks during 12 hours, 10 times a minute. Even Olympic athletes don't do that. But Amazon warehouse workers do.
  • Allow to all employees to use electronic devices and videotaping inside of fulfillment centers except of places prohibited by law (restrooms etc). Allow to share videos on public except of cases directly prohibited by the law. This make the same sense as for publishing politicians in democracy country. Open people's control is required when power is abused. Definitely Amazon abused its monopoly power if employees die, their children die, become disabled and company doesn't care. Not every employee has financial ability to file a lawsuit and get a jury judgment. But everybody should be able to attract public attention and to get public judgment. Amazon has no commercial secrets to hide in the warehouse. Company even provides tours for medias allowing to videotape its robots. The only business secret company hides is abusive culture. Amazon explains it prohibits electronics at warehouse to avoid theft. Company is not afraid of theft. What can employee put in his small pocket? Toilet paper? New $10 earphones? Company is afraid of greater loss. Video footage from inside of warehouse will cost to company $millions of reputation lost in case of publication.
  • Prohibit any retaliation for attempts to unionize. This right is protected by the Federal law but not by the Amazon policy
  • Prohibit to commit hate crime. Make it compulsory to investigate the crime.
  • Prohibit to segregate teams based on race, national origin or nationality. Americans don't want to work for Amazon anymore due to inhumane working conditions. Thus, Amazon hires immigrants. This often results in segregation.
  • Outsource HR investigations to the independent contractor (e. g. legal firm). Amazon is famous by its fake HR investigations with significant bias. HR protects company from employees, HR does not protect employees. Thus, employees' complaints should be investigated by the independent party. (Added 05/14/2019).
  • New improper Amazon policy found: "Act in the best interest of the company" Thispolicy should be removed as possibly illegal. The law protects employees' rights for self-organizing, fighting for the better working conditions and unionizing. But unionizing of employees is not "in the best interest of the company". The law protects employees from discrimination and retaliation. However it is not "in the best interest of the company" to investigate the discrimination complaint. Moreover, Amazon shows it is "in the best interest of the company" to retaliate. (Added 05/24/2019)
  • Amazon should issue the policy prohibiting the company and it's agents/contractors to spy on the employees by hiring private detectives. (Added 05/30/2019) 
  • Amazon implements job contracts providing non-compete agreements. That means, after termination or quitting the company, employee is prohibited to work for competitor or to create a competing business. Amazon is already subject of anti-monopoly agency FTC attention. If Amazon would not have monopoly power, it would not be able to commit outrageous experiments with employees' lives. Thus, the monopoly should be restricted. This is another reason to update our demand to change Amazon policies. Amazon should abandon non-compete employment contracts. (Added 06/19/2019)
  • Amazon should inform employees that the company will take back part of their salary (sign in bonus) right in the text of the job offer, before signing. While US army can have sign in bonus as a honored service, Amazon jobs are never honored. Thus, it is better for Amazon to remove sign in bonus at all. The sign in bonus should become a part of regular salary which not to be taken back by the company in any circumstances. (Added 07/17/2019)
  • Amazon should stop setting up fake requirements to medical documents of disabled employees. (added 10/01/2019)
  • Amazon should abandon secret and unfair procedure of coaching plan. (added 10/04/2019)
You can say that these demands are unreasonable. Well, I have an answer. By setting high demands, I am following Amazon leadership principle "Insist on highest standards". Its description  says: "Leaders have relentlessly high standards, so high that many people may think these standards are unreasonably high if they harm health, lives of employees and their relatives. Leaders are continually raising the bar".

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

02/16/2019. Horror in fulfillment centers

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

Today is Saturday, happy day. Happy me, happy Amazon: not a working day, not a protesting day.
Just one note about motivation. One smart guy told long time ago: "There is a major reason to protest. You are doing this not for others. You are doing that not because you will be accountable to others. You are doing that because if you don't, you will be accountable to yourself".

I met and spoke with a lot of people during these days. They approached me and told to me their stories at Amazon. They told my problem is not a problem at all. In comparison with for example  what is happening in the fulfillment centers. It is proud for me to stay there with the banner. I admit my life is worthy if I could change just 1% of this horror by staying here. I will stay here weeks, months and years if needed. This is the most proud job for me.

How many children are left without parents? How many dying parents are not allowed to see children working for Amazon? How many injured workers are kicked out without honor?
Jeff Bezos is the richest guy in the world. His children do not suffer. They are not disabled. Jeff Bezos is not prohibited to see his parents. I am proud to speak out about this.
Representative-elect Ilhan Omar speaks during a rally at the Amazon fulfillment center in Shakopee, Minnesota.
Photo and another story by Guardian
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Friday, February 15, 2019

02/15/2019. Protest at Whole Foods

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

I am late today. It is noon now and I am half an hour away yet.
But today it will be incredible day. I am going to Whole foods store at Denny way. If Spheres s a heart of Amazon, Whole foods is its stomach. This store is always full of people and engineers. God bless me.
I found one thing. I feel myself more mature than I was 2 weeks ago. I grow much on side of spiritually. This is a great experience - to fight my fear. I am glad I am doing that not only for Amazon and Bezos but for myself also.
One bad thing - first guy approached me and I wanted to give him a leaflet. But all the papers became wet due to rain yesterday. Today I don't distribute my story...
PS: Spheres is not the heart of Amazon. It is balls of Amazon.
The sweetest of today: Chinese guys approached me and gave me bunch of bananas. Now I know how to survive in case I would be out of money.
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Thursday, February 14, 2019

02/14/2019. Protest at Van Vorst under the rain

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

Happy Saint Valentine's day!
1 pm, lunch time and I am here again, near of Van Vorst Amazon building. One current Amazon engineer approached me and supported. Good start.

Under the rain applied super duper innovation: foldable chair + umbrella:

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

02/13/2019. Protest at Gatsby

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

9:30 am. I am in between of Van Horst and Gatsby Amazon buildings.

To be honest, in the morning I was feeling myself really weak and tired. But then I searched on YouTube keywords "Amazon employees". YouTube returns 99% of videos are about oppression, abuse and hostility. I watched few of them and there is no weakness anymore. There are really a lot of people suffering much more than me.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

02/12/2019. Protest at Spheres

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

11 am, I am on the position! Sidewalk of Amazon spheres.

I was thinking I am afraid of people. But then I realized: in fact people are afraid of me. Now I feel I am more powerful and more free than anybody else. Amazon employees are restricted in their freedoms: they are forced to spend most time of their lives to do the work they hate. They are restricted to speak.
I am free to speak and Jeff Bezos with all his billions can't close my mouth and can't prevent me from walking on the street with my banner.
I like that. Like a student who lost virginity. I mean, well, you know.

02/11/2019. Snow storm: no protest today

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

Went to doctor, laundry and then... snow came back.

Lucky Jeff, lucky me today.

No need to freeze my ass at the street. Protest is cancelled.

But beware of tomorrow.
Until then, Merry Christmas to all!
I don't share protest video today but I can't refuse to share this beauty:

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

02/10/2019. Jeff Bezos calls it extortion

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

That sucks: libraries seems to be are closed again due to snow storm. There is no storm anymore in Seattle but snow is still here. Seattle should be renamed to Alaska-attle.

If I don't find printer today, tomorrow nobody will know about horrors of Mr Bezos.
How can I do leafleting without printer?
Where are all these librarians?!!!!!!
Maybe I am not the best engineer or entrepreneur. And for sure I am not the best yes-man for Bezos to be one of his Amabots. But there is something good I will do in my life. I will stop persecution, oppression and genocide of family members of other Amazon employees who suffer. If I need to stay at the square 5 years 5 days a week I will do it. If I need to perform hunger strike I will. I have no job and my time is free.

My boss will tell I am the worst engineer in the world. You know what? Partially I agree with him. I have done mistakes. Like any of us. But I am not the worst. Even not the worst in our team.
Moreover. Even if I would be the worst engineer in the world, this does not give a right to my boss to violate the law. This does not give him a right for oppression of my family. You don't like my work? Then why didn't you fire me during 2 years?

Last week Jeff Bezos again tried to fight the freedom of speech. He accused media in extortion.
I am laughing. Mr Bezos committed extortion last 15 years towards his employees. How can he accuse somebody else?
How extortion to employees works:
1. Employee becomes a slave by salary and immigration benefits
2. Employer commits oppression, discrimination and hostile environment towards the employee and his family to make him work harder. Amazon prevents treatment of employee relatives and United Nations classifies this activity as a mental torture.
3. Employee cannot quit because of losing immigration benefits resulting in up to deportation from the country.
For me, it is a clear extortion. Hidden statement is: we will terminate you and you will use everything if you complain of stop working. Thus, we ask you to work hard and sustain our tortures.

Btw - got to library. The one near of UW was open even during the "storm"... How can you call this nice Christmas snow a "storm"? I thought the storm is when Dorothy flies in her house through the sky... In Russia we have such storm 9 months a year with a temperature of -22 F.
Anyway I printed almost 300 sheets of true about Amazon. Tomorrow 300 Amazonians will know the True. Jeff, I am coming.

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Saturday, February 9, 2019

02/09/2019. Why policies of Amazon are unlawful

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

No protest for today and tomorrow. Saturday and Sunday are weekends for most of Amazonians yet. Thus, I can take a rest also.
Due to winter storm, library is closed. Will try to get there tomorrow, I need to print a lo-o-t of leaflets. On Monday will give them to all the Spheres an Doppler patrons.
Can't print them at Amazon office because they suspended my badge. Amazon management is prudent.
My manager blamed me I don't comply with Amazon principle "Insist on the Highest Standards". Well, he can think that. But now I am sure I comply with the principle "Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit": Leaders are obligated to respectfully challenge decisions when they disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting. Leaders have conviction and are tenacious. They do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion. Once a decision is determined, they commit wholly.
They can argue citing last words: Once a decision is determined, they commit wholly. Why didn't I commit? I ask: decision taken by whom? If my manager and his managers all the way till Bezos support oppression, should I respect their opinion?

Then the only authority here is God. I say: Once a decision is determined BY GOD, I commit wholly. But God didn't ask me to stop protesting yet.

02/08/2019. Protest at Spheres

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

I stayed near of Amazon Spheres 9 am - noon. Got tripod in Goodwill and bungee cords. This helps a lot because it is really hard to hold banner on my neck for hours. Now I am prepared.
At noon, snow storm started. Then I finished picketing and got warm at Whole Foods.
Plan to return on Monday either earlier morning or afternoon.
What is great: another engineers approach me and ask the story behind the banner. Many of them are engineers. Everybody supports and nobody argues. I expected discussion but met understanding.
One guy told he worked 5 years as an engineer here and quit because it is enough oppression for him. But he said, my story means I am lucky and I did not suffer as much as others. That is because I don't know about the real horror in the fulfillment centers of Amazon.
Security of Amazon are friendly and polite. Nobody kicks me out because I am at public sidewalk and absolutely legal.

City of Seattle and local police ensured I don't need any permit for my protest because I don't block any driveway. I can stay here as much as I want, they said. First Amendment works well.

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02/07/2019. Start protesting. Generating courage

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

“The future depends on what you do today.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

To be honest, in the morning fear of public shame almost caused symptoms of bed wetting.
But Deadpool told me how to manage this fear.

Ok let's go. Real protesters take bus only, never drive the car

My friends made these photos, thanks a lot to them. There are some videos also. I will upload them later, when Internet becomes better. Good idea is to make a documentary short movie about that. YouTube is full of short videos mentioning Amazon. But there is nothing like no 1 or 2 hours movie. I heard some guys are working on that but no result yet.

There was not a lot of people on the street

Thank to my friend who made video. Sorry, I will rotate it later.

And my beautiful back...
Spoke with other engineers

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02/06/2019. Banner for protest is a trouble

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

There are 2 most difficult parts in the rally:
- to get courage to start
- to make a banner

Courage is easier.

Few YouTube videos about Martin Luther King, AC/DC song "Thunderstruck" and I am ready to fight.

Banner is the real trouble.

In the past, I performed rally against dictator from my home country with simple marker board. But that was for 1 hour. Now I realize I need something more reliable because I will stay here weeks, months, years.

Following advises from YouTube, I got peace of fabric from Hobby Lobby, paint and furniture spray. Then 2 plastic pipes in Home Depot. Then I spent all the day on the floor in the local library with homeless people creating this piece of art. Yes it has historical value now. No, I will never do this again.

Next time I will pay few bucks to order online with same day delivery high quality waterproof super duper factory-made banner.
Next day of protest

Public protest against Amazon

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

Bro! I am calling you Bro even if we don’t know each other. This is because both of us could work for Amazon. That means both of us suffer from fascism culture of Amazon. You might not agree with me. If you like your company and happy with your job, you are lucky. But don’t lose discretion. In 2017 I got job offer for software engineer position in Amazon and was happy like you. Nice company, nice salary, nice team members. At that time, I didn’t assume the horror hidden inside of the glossy box.

I didn’t hear about NYT article describing how Amazon persecutes employees because of their association with disabled and dying relatives. I didn’t know the Internet is full of stories of that kind. To somehow improve its reputation, Amazon manipulates public opinion on the Internet! Amazon pays to its employees for posts in social networks! Don’t believe? Google it!

My name is Oleg Churyumov. In 2017, I left a negative feedback about my manager Uwais Khan in the daily “Amazon Connect” survey. Amazon Connect team sent to me the report showing how my manager can calculate my answer. At our 1:1 meeting, Khan prohibited me to leave feedback in the system. Since then oppression started.
Khan asked me to work on weekends. Then he asked HR how to prevent me from immigration benefits (not informing me about that).

Every Amazon engineer is entitled with internal transfer opportunity. I realized this can be the only way to stay with the company and avoid oppression. I asked Khan about internal transfer to another team in NY. Khan said, I can do that as soon as my wife finds job there. My wife spent 3 months on hard search and interviews. She got a job offer in NY, signed new lease there and moved with one of our children. I informed Khan about that and he said he changed his opinion. He forced me to stay in Seattle with my second child. Khan made me single parent.

Amazon sponsored my working EB3 visa. This allowed me to apply for residency in US simultaneously with my another non-stable immigration status. I could not quit job immediately, because then I would lose application for this visa. Engineers call this “working visa slavery”. Amazon knows employees will not strike oppression. Because “at will” job contract allows immediate termination with no reason. Most of Amazon engineers are immigrants who lose immigration H1B status once they are terminated. Many IT companies provide immigration sponsorship. However, none of them is so impudent like Amazon to use this for oppression.

My 3 yo daughter has a development delay and I need to bring her to therapy. For that, I asked Khan for work from home once a week like everybody else in our team. Khan prohibited me to work from home. Moreover, he asked me to come to office at 7 am and sit there alone. All the other team members came to office at 11 am and worked from home without restrictions. And their children were not disabled.

One day my daughter became seriously sick. Violating Khan’s prohibitions, I took 2 days leave to take care of her. Khan punished me for that. He sent email listing missed work during these days as my fault.

In April of 2018 I got nice Forte performance review. Next month I complained to HR about tortures by Khan. I didn’t know, employees say on Internet that Amazon HR does not to protect employees. Amazon HR protects company from employees. HR specialist Edwin Mwango performed investigation and confirmed most of the facts I spoke about. However, Mwango said Khan didn’t violate Amazon policies. This is simply because Amazon policies do not prohibit such oppression.

Immediately after HR investigation, Khan retaliated and placed me on “pivot” (termination procedure). During the pivot, I chose “appeal” option to speak in front of independent random employees. HR responsible for appeal at pivot was Annalisa Perez. Perez prohibited me to tell about tortures and retaliation during the appeal. This proves that “pivot” is a fiction to create a visibility of justice. In fact, there is no justice in Amazon. If employee files lawsuit, Amazon says: “During the appeal at pivot another independent employees confirmed the termination. There is no bias of his manager” However, Amazon does not say that appellant is prohibited to speak about oppression at appeal. Pivot appeal is a fake.

I complained to current HRBP Andrew Berg, Khan’s supervisor Joe Resudek and even Jeff Bezos. Same month, Resudek announced Khan is promoted. Berg met with me and Khan and laughed at my words. As I expected, Bezos never responded. Amazon blocked me access to its buildings.

You can say: “What can you change? You are alone, weak and poor. Amazon is big and strong, Jeff Bezos is a billionaire.” I have an answer. Amazon is a big and fat behemoth. It is getting fatter because it has no natural enemies. It has a lot of fat but it has no strong skeleton. It is a castle made of sand. There is a huge labor turnover. Nobody works here for idea, mission or something apart from money or immigration status. Everybody pretends he shares Amazon principles.
There are weapons against behemoths. These weapons are true and civil rights. We need to remember name of our region: King County of Washington state. I am sure Martin Luther King and George Washington heard many times “You can't do that”. As well as Mahatma Gandhi.

You can say: “Ok, but what do you want?”. I have an answer. I want Bezos to stop lying about his “zero tolerance” to the oppression. Or he should start implementing this “zero tolerance”. I want Amazon to change its policies and procedures. I want every Amazon engineer and other employees who meet such oppression to know: they are not alone. One day other guy will say: “No”. And then another guy. And then another. Bezos can't hide the true behind his billions indefinitely. He can’t buy everybody with all his money.
I don't know when it happens. Maybe 1 year. Maybe more. But I have plenty of time. I will stay here until the end. It is a pleasure for me to make a small input to fight against oppression.

One Amazon employee said when her father was dying, her boss told “you are the problem” and prevented her from visiting the father. Another Amazon employee saw his unborn child died during pregnancy when he was under oppression by his manager. There are a lot of cases like that. Amazon is built on blood.

Hero of famous movie was right. When I will be 80 yo dying in warm bed I will remember tens of years I spent at work making Bezos richer. Would I exchange all these years for just one chance? One chance to stay here and tell to Bezos: “Your billions don't give you a right to kill our children”.

If you don’t agree with me or think I am an idiot that’s OK. I am glad you and your family don’t suffer. And I hope they will not. But you are welcome to come to me and talk. Ask any questions. Tell me your experience, argue and say I am not right. I will be glad to talk to you regardless of your position, provide any explanations and evidence.

Every working day I will stay in front of one of Amazon buildings in Seattle with a banner for few hours. I will do this indefinitely. If you want to locate me, text to my Facebook (Oleg Churyumov).
God bless you

As Jeff said, it is always Day 1.

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