Tuesday, December 7, 2021

How to make compost

Get 2 buckets. Place one bucket inside of another. In the bottom of the inner bucket, make holes to let air flow in.

Put a layer of regular soil in the bottom of the bucket.

Mix different types of organic garbage and place them in the bucket mixed or layer by layer.

Cover the last(top) layer with soil - it will fasten the process and prevent smells.

Cover the soil layer with dry leafs. They will help to keep moisture and heat inside of the bucket.

Spray everything with water on a regular basis.

Water leaked from the bottom of the bucket can be reused and sprayed again to the same bucket.

Place it under the sun.

Monday, December 6, 2021

How to plant mushrooms at home

Get spawn

Get mushrooms at store.

Get mycelium out of existing mushrooms. It is the white stuff.

Get container

Get a box/container/bucket. Make small holes in the bucket to allow mushrooms growing through them. Also holes are needed for air flow.

Distance between holes is around 10 cm.

Get substrate

Choose substrate to plant mushrooms on:

- cardboard

- coffee grounds

- saw dust

- straw

- sugarcane bagasse

- cotton waste 

- wood pellets

Pasteurise (soak) substrate in hot water (to prevent contamination).

Plant it

Put substrate in the bucket/box/container.

Put mycelium in the box/bucket with cardboard/wood layer by layer.

Put the container into the dark environment.

Wait for few weeks. While waiting, spray it with water.

Good temperature to maintain is around 20-25 degree by Celsius. So the container can be placed on the top of some shelves close to the ceiling because the temperature of air is higher at the high level above the floor. Also we can place it near the heater.