Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Tips, trick and techniques of Amazon HR: how to terminate disabled employee

Amazon is the high-tech company famous for its innovations. Funny thing is the most of the Amazon top technology was purchased (not developed) by Amazon. However the company still has in-house innovations. The most used innovation is the system allowing to screw its own employees with the fake HR.

Some employees complain about the toxic culture because they realize it is not normal. It is not normal that the company oppress families of employees, not only employees themselves. Obviously, the employer than intends to retaliate and terminate complainant in any unlawful and unfair manner. Even if the employee is disabled and on a leave.

Here is the trick innovated by the company to terminate a disabled employee on medical leave. Simple and genius.

To extend his leave, the employee needs to provide medical documentation to the employer on a regular basis. If the employer is Amazon, it is interested to set up impossible requirements for medical documentation. So then HR could say: you did not comply with our requirements, we terminate you.

How to set up impossible requirements? Should the employer ask to comply with some strict 1000 pages standard? Or to make 20 PhDs sign the document? Nope. Everything is much simpler and funny.

Amazon HR asks the employee to provide in the medical documentation evidence that he is disabled and not disabled at the same time. Yep. I should be disabled and not disabled. Only then HR can extend my leave. (Or I should stop to complain and protest).

HR says: should provide prove of the disability and date of the return to work. It goes without saying, if the employee is disabled he cannot return to work. If the employee is able to return to work, he does not need a leave.

This is another reason to ask Amazon to change its fake policies.

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