Friday, October 4, 2019

Coaching plan - another Amazon trick to cheat employees

Every Amazon engineer and manager knows about the fake Amazon performance improvement programs: "pivot" and "pip" (Performance Improvement Plan). Pivot is a fake procedure because an employee is prohibited to speak during the appeal about violations of the law. Performance improvement plan is also not fair because performance is assessed by the same manager (who placed an engineer on the pip).

However not everybody know about Amazon's top gun: "coaching plan". Some people say it is also called "development plan", some people say both terms are the same. We will call this coaching plan hereby.

This is one of the most powerful Amazon's weapons to get rid of an employee. The secret of the weapon is that the weapon is secret itself. An employee can be placed on the coaching plan without any notification, without any knowledge about it.

In fact, Amazon places a lot of employees on the coaching plan to cover future legal risks. Say the employee gets a nice yearly performance review ("Forte") and works well. However, one day he/she decides to complain about harassment by Amazon manager. The manager retaliates and unfairly terminates the employee via pip/pivot. The employee sues. In the lawsuit, Amazon says: "look, he is a low-performer. He was on the coaching plan since the first month of his work. He was terminated for the low performance".

This is a big surprise for the employee because he didn't know about that before the lawsuit. Amazon secretly built a case against him to cover legal risks. This is another reason to update our demand to change Amazon policies.

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