Friday, July 19, 2019

New trick from all and abused Amazon: threat of termination during the leave

I assumed Amazon exhausted all the means of retaliation yet. However I erred.
Amazon Leave team is an independent HR team responsible for evaluating of employees medical documents, granting and extending the leave etc. I was on leave since August of 2018. Every month the team extended my leave.

In June of 2019, I informed Joel Wilson from the Amazon leave team, that I filled charges against Amazon for discrimination, retaliation and violation of unionizing laws. Right on the next month (July) Wilson let me know that my "leave of absence will not be extended" and I am "subject to attendance discipline, up to and including termination, for being away from work without authorization."

Coincidence? If we ask Wilson, he will respond that he is not satisfied with leave documents from my doctor: "it failed to outline your expected period of disability, and did not provide objective documentation of incapacity, restrictions or limitations."

Even if Wilson would be right, there are still questions. Why did Wilson extended my leave during the whole year until I informed him that I filed charges against Amazon? Once I said to Wilson about charges against Amazon, the leave was "magically" terminated.

It goes without saying, Amazon is overwhelmed with toxic culture of retaliation. But there is one more reason for termination. Amazon uses an opportunity to terminate me for "non-attendance" after the leave to prevent from very important activity. If I don't return to work, I can't send working emails and complaints. E. g. last time I sent complaint via the working email, my email was immediately locked.

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