Sunday, June 16, 2019

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Bro! I am calling you Bro even if we don’t know each other. This is because both of us could work for Amazon. That means both of us suffer from fascism culture of Amazon. You might not agree with me. If you like your company and happy with your job, you are lucky. But don’t lose discretion. In 2017 I got job offer for software engineer in Amazon and was happy like you. Nice company, nice salary, nice team members. At that time, I didn’t assume the horror hidden inside of the glossy box.

I didn’t hear about NYT article describing how Amazon persecutes employees because of their association with disabled and dying relatives. I didn’t know the Internet is full of stories of that kind. To somehow improve its reputation, Amazon manipulates public opinion on the Internet! Amazon pays to its employees for posts in social networks! Don’t believe? Google it!

I want Amazon to stop hate against employees and their families.
I am software engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.
I was highly paid. But I am absolutely not satisfied with the fascist culture at Amazon.
That's why I  perform public protests at the streets picketing Amazon offices.
See them here:

Also I believe every Amazon employee should be informed about how to fight for his/her civil rights. If your employer is Amazon, the probability that numerous laws are violated against you is very high.

I found that thousands of Amazon employees suffered in the past and suffer today as a result of inhuman company policies. While sometimes other big corporations also violate the law, Amazon is the only one feeling no shame to officially encourage in its HR policies to oppress employees.
To change Amazon policies, I committed Hunger strike without food and water for almost 5 days.
It was my failure because Amazon demonstrated the company will never change policies even if I die.

I have a lot of ideas for the future. We need to unionize Amazon employees. We need to fight at the street by picketing, in the courtroom and on the Internet. Amazon abused human rights of society, and it is a duty of the society to show Amazon its place and to force the company to change inhuman policies.

Official Amazon let us know that if we don't like this job, nobody forces us to stay here. Our response is we are humans and we have human rights. We are not farm animals. We will fight for our pride and we will win because the True and the God are on our side. Nobody forces Jeff Bezos to stay at this planet. If he does not like our human rights, he is free to take a flight to Mars on his Blue Origin spaceship.

Amazon employees died, their children died AS A RESULT OF oppression by Amazon. Employees were prevented to see last time their dying relatives. Employees were injured, became disabled and homeless without any compensation from Amazon. It is enough. It is not only an option to stop this. It is our duty to stop Amazon. If we don't stop Amazon, the monster will go further and it will be too late.

If you are working for Amazon, high probability is that your rights are violated.
I cannot make a legal advice here because I have no legal license.
However I can say if your speech does not contain anything illegal, National Labor Relationships Act protects you if you speak about working conditions of Amazon.
Multiple laws protect you against retaliation by Amazon for the whistle blowing.
Share this story along with stories of other Amazon employees.
Do not be afraid of retaliation.
By private complaint, you help yourself.
By public complaint, you help to society and humanity.

Thank you Bro for reading this text till the end.
If you think Amazon should be stopped, please share this.

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