Saturday, June 1, 2019

Stop talking. Go find another job if you don't like it! Amazon style.

Amazon plays its favorite game "you don't like this job get out". They tell "nobody forces you to stay here". You can quit any time. This is the favorite game of those having monopoly power. And this is an abuse.

I suggest to play another game. Like children, let's combine words and play a game of "analogy". Here is how it looks like.

  • The parent abuses the child. If child doesn't like it, he/she can go find another parent or apply to orphanage.
  • The offender rapes the woman. But nobody forced the woman to walk at the dark street at night. If she doesn't like something, she could go to other street.
  • The husband beats up his wife and commits domestic violence crime. But nobody forced the wife to marry him. She could chose other man if she doesn't like something.
  • Etc etc

It is enough. Amazon management and HR extended the limit. It is our time to say NO. We will not go other street. We will not tolerate mockery and abuse. We will not tolerate crime and discrimination. We suggest Mr Bezos to fly to Mars if he doesn't like this planet. But we like it and we will stay here. And we will fight for our rights because we have nothing to lose.

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