Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Innovation idea for Amazon: automatic HR

Amazon has a good leadership principle: frugality. Another leadership principle encourages innovations. Well, I support them and follow both of them.
As an engineer working for Amazon I should be somehow responsible for innovations.
While software engineers at Amazon are mostly not engaged in innovations, I have an innovation idea.

Earlier I noted that HR is the most useless department of Amazon. It consumes huge budgets. At the same time it is only to create a visibility of investigations of violations at the workplace.

Let's make HR automatic! Sad thing is Amazon needs to terminate all HRs. Well, this saves a lot of payroll money for Mr Bezos. Good to him. Instead of alive HRs, simple robot will send auto responses to every complaint of the employees.

For the first complaint (regardless of its content), robot will send email: we did not find violation of Amazon policy here.
For the repeated inquiry, robot will send: our investigation is confidential.

In the Court, Amazon can proudly excuse: "We consider every complaint and take measures" (which is true btw)

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