Monday, June 17, 2019

How to sue Amazon without attorney and without legal skills

E. g. Shao Kahn was a professional lawyer and had a legal license. But this did not help him...

Last year an Amazon employee in Indiana alleged she was wrongfully terminated as a result of discrimination.
She filed a lawsuit without a lawyer.
She did not have a legal degree.
She never had a license of a lawyer.
She even did not use a computer to write a lawsuit complaint!

She did not spend money to file a lawsuit because she asked a Judge to proceed without filing fee (in "forma pauperis"). And the Judge waived this fee.

Amazon hired expensive attorneys. (they usually hire attorney at around $1000 an hour)
These guys moved to dismiss the entire case

How can Plaintiff respond to this professional Motion? How can Plaintiff without legal education argue with armed professionals paid around $1000 an hour? She was not able to cite legal sources and case law. She did what she could. She took the piece of paper and the pen. And she wrote what she thinks.

Guess what was the order of the Court? Court ordered to proceed to the next stage of the lawsuit!
That means, Court refused to dismiss the action (as Amazon pleaded). In fact, Court took the side of the employee (though dismissing part of her claims).

Shortly after, the case was ended. Parties settled.

What is the conclusion? You can sue Amazon if you feel your rights are violated. Even if you have no attorney and if you are not qualified in law. You can sue even if you have no computer to print on. And you can win. This is especially for Amazon. Amazon violated too many laws like no any other company.

Of course, you can lose also. E. g. I fucked up recently in the Court. But even if you lose you lose nothing. And the free legal experience is extremely valuable.

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