Wednesday, May 15, 2019

What would I tell to jury at trial against Amazon?

What if I would speak in front of jury trying Amazon?

I have never been at trial in lawsuit against Amazon... yet. But I would like to be there.
What if I would be there? What questions would I ask? What questions will I be asked?
What will I tell to jury in my final speech? Maybe something like that...

I would start my speech with ...

I don't know what is on your mind. Maybe you think Amazon did something bad with this guy. Or maybe you think Amazon did nothing bad. And he is just another "low-performer" who is trying to get his piece of big pie. He knows Amazon is multi-billion company. Maybe he does not deserve a bonus at work because he worked not better than others. That's why he fights in courtroom to get his "bonus".

You know what? Partially it is true. I am not the top-performer. And I do not deserve high yearly bonus at my company. Moreover, I really would like to cut some piece of this fat pie.

But there is something else I need to say. I am not the worst-performer. And I fight for another bonus. And the piece I want to cut is really huge. This piece is called justice for all.

I fight not for money. Nobody ever paid me for my protests at the street. In my claims, I do not specify certain amount of money. Instead, I would like to cut bigger piece of this pie. I would like to change Amazon policies. I would like them to make public statement. I would like every victim of Amazon to get a relief.

There are some victims not presented in this room. Many of them have no ability to represent them in the courtroom. Not only because they are poor. They worked for Amazon in another countries, where Amazon used local labor market and local laws to stay unpunished. One guy Ismaila worked 3 years for Amazon in Morocco. Amazon bullied and retaliated against him after his complaint to HR. As a retaliation, Amazon prevented medical treatment for his family and his pregnant wife lost the child.

This child could become a next engineer, doctor, even a president. But Amazon decided this life is not valuable. Amazon could try to mitigate this. The company could try to help his family. Or the company could try at least to say "We are sorry..," But the company did neither of that. Instead, Amazon terminated him.

I believed to every single word of Ismaila because I saw the similar treatment of the company. Like thousands of other employees. Regardless of the country, the company's toxic culture is the same. HR and management retaliated my complaints also.

I can't imagine the pain of Ismaila. I will never wish anybody else to experience that. That's why I decided to speak up. I printed photo of him on a banner and started picketing the Amazon office in NY. Guess what was the reaction of Amazon building security? Security of the building started to hide my banner! They bashfully surrounded me hoping that people around will not see it!

Then I realized what is called "the real FACE of Amazon". When I was dying on hunger strike without food and water, Amazon managers openly mocked me and threatened me with physical violence.

I am not afraid of attorneys because I have a faith

But they chosen the wrong guy because I am not afraid. They couldn't understand that I thank God for such a gift. I could not imagine better opportunity to fill my life with real sense. God gave me a chance to bring some value to humanity. And I am blessed to join this holly fight against cruelty. In the end of my life I will be proud of years I spent fighting Amazon and protecting its victims. Instead of regretting of years lost in front of TV. Or years lost working for Amazon as a slave. It is better to be a hero of the movie, rather than a viewer.

I am here alone without a lawyer. I have no millions of dollars for expensive attorneys. Amazon brought against me the squad of professional counsels. Look at them. They are armed with Harvard diplomas, licenses and tons of money.

Amazon already spent hundreds thousands of dollars on their services. Average lawsuit costs $200k - $1mln to the company. This is how the business spends money of its customers. Happy Prime customer thinks he spends $13 to create new workplaces and feed families of employees. Nope. Amazon spends this money to fight its employees. Amazon feeds its lawyers.

Do you know how much does attorney earn per hour? He earns 20 times higher than an employee! 20 times! Amazon fulfillment center worker gets $15 an hour. Attorney can get as high as $500 an hour! Amazon is able to spend 20 times more money to fight its employees rather than to support its employees!

Why Amazon is inhuman?

After all of that, I got answers to most of my questions.
I had a question what to do and I got the answer.
I had a question, should I protest? And my clear answer was "yes".
I had a question, should I afraid of them? And my clear answer was "no".
But there was one more question without an answer.

This question made me thinking numerous days and nights. And I did not get an answer. This question sounds like a simple question. This question is "Why?" Regardless of your verdict today I will not get an accurate answer to this question.

Why Amazon commits such inhumane experiments with its employees? Why Jeff Bezos cannot stop it? Jeff officially provides in his main leadership principle "Insist on the Highest Standards: Leaders have relentlessly high standards - many people may think these standards are unreasonably high. Leaders are continually raising the bar..." It is not single "bad manager" or single oppressed employee. It is the company's culture. Company's policies officially encourage to squash employees as much as supervisor can.

Is this only about the money? Jeff has $200 billion. It would be crazy to let children of employees die to get more money when you don't know where to spend them to. If the money is not the reason, then what is the root cause?

How can a person treat humans like small defenseless insects? Experiment with them like with insects, mock them and finally kill them. What a monster the person should be? I was terrified thinking about that. But then I found one thing about myself. And I became terrified even more.

I also was a monster. But I grew up

When I was 4 years old, I used to play in the yard near of our home. There was a lot of sand and grass on the ground - perfect place for children to play. And a lot of insects were living on that ground. Ants, bugs, caterpillars... These insects never did something bad to me or to my friends. They were just living with their families, growing children, eating grass and making ecosystem better. But me and my friends did terrible things with them.

I was small and stupid. I did not understand what cruelty is. I just followed my need to know something new, to discover this big world, to innovate. I took the bug and cut his leg. Then I observed how he will move. Then I cut another leg. And I was interested how bug will react. I didn't want to kill the bug. I just wanted to know what happens if I change something. How many legs does the bug need to move and survive. I didn't understand the bug has a family. I didn't know what is a death.

Then I grown up. Today I know what is cruelty and what is kindness. I know what does it mean to help and to forgive. To suffer and to sustain. To feel pain and to be happy. When I step on the grass, intuitively I look at the ground to make sure I will not squash somebody and will not make somebody else single parent. If I meet a bug at my home, I never squash it. I take it by my fingers and let it fly outside of the window.

I was sure everybody of us has grown up and everybody shares my values. But here is the mistake. Not everybody grown up. Not everybody is adult yet. Somebody is still a child. 55 years old child.

Jeff Bezos spent more than half of his life. He attended school and even created a family. But he did not grow up. He has powerful intelligence and physical body of adult person. But he did not develop his soul and he still has a spirit of 5 years old boy. He plays with spaceships. He plays with people like with small insects. He still wants to cut legs of bugs. He wants to know how much time can a bug move boxes without lunch and restroom until it dies in the fulfillment center. Jeff Bezos does not need a revenge. Jeff Bezos needs compassion and proper treatment.

Amazon bosses treat their own children in the best way the can

Children of Jeff Bezos are alive. They are happy and healthy.
When the mother (who was Amazon employee) suffered and observed her child death, guess what Jeff Bezos did? He enjoyed life with his family at the expensive hotel! Most of his employees would never afford to have a vacation in Norway.

Apart from Ismaila, I have my personal story. Child of my supervisor Uwais Khan is growing healthy and happy. Uwais even took 1 month paid leave to help his wife with taking care about the newborn! At the same time my daughter was sick. I took the leave in compliance with Amazon policy. When Uwais came back from his leave, he punished me for that leave. He disciplined me. He showed me omissions at my work during couple of days of my leave.

Do you have the loved one? Wife, husband? What would you feel if your boss would prevent you from seeing your wife? Not for one day, not for one week. For half a year. It is not all. What would you feel if your boss would prevent you from seeing your daughter? What would you feel if your boss would prevent you from treating your daughter when she is seek?

If we will not stop them, they will go further

In the year of 2015 famous article of New York Times about bruising workplace of Amazon was published. I worked there since 2017. I testify, since then the situation only became worse.

The nature of the monster is to grow until it meets obstacle. Amazon monopoly did not meed natural obstacles yet. It is our duty to oppose. Or it will go further. What will happen tomorrow? What if your children would work for Amazon? Your grandparents? What if somebody of them would be treated like that?

Today Amazon is $800 billion company. This monster eats and grow, eats and grow. It consumes everything. And it destroys everything that is opposing its growth: employees, families, children. Its DNA restricts neither its size neither level of cruelty.

But you know what? I already won regardless of your verdict. No, I don't predict the future. And I don't know what is on your mind. But I won in front of God. Tonight I will come back home. And I will tell something to my family and to God. Regardless of your verdict I will tell them: I did everything I could. I have no doubts, I don't regret. If you made the verdict, God wanted it to be in that way. I have nothing else to do. I have nothing to lose. And I am already happy.

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