Sunday, May 19, 2019

What is one of the most popular reasons of wrongful termination at Amazon?

Mistake of supervisor?
Sexual harassment?
Private dislike of supervisor?

Earlier I described retaliation as a part of Amazon culture. And Amazon covers this retaliation under the huge layer of lies. However I bet there is another very popular reason for the wrongful termination. And in the future this could become even more popular than retaliation.

Ready? It is free speech restriction. Mainly by the false "pivot appeal" program.
The logic is very simple. And I told about it many times before. An employee is given a "chance" to appeal his termination action in front of the independent jury consisting of other employees.
The trap is: the employee is prohibited to speak about any law violations of his manager during this appeal.
Imagine a sexual assault lawsuit. The victim is told: "You are prohibited to tell to the jury about anything somehow related to the sexual assault. You can tell only how nice you are etc".

Again, I told about this many times before. Why I am raising this concern again? The reason is upcoming class action. I set a class action lawsuit as my main goal. But many people think it is difficult. To combine thousands of people in one process, analyze the data etc. Even the lawsuit with one plaintiff could be difficult and huge enough. For sure it should take much more effort to start a class action. And it should take much much much more effort to win it.

Nope. I do not agree. It is easy enough. Let's come back to the beginning of this post. Apart from other reasons for class action, lets take a look at the Amazon's pivot appeal procedure only. Even my grandma could start and win a class action based on pivot appeal. You still have a doubt? So did I. But now I have not. Let me explain.

My grandma is very old. She uses a cane. But she is still able to do some basic things. She can write emails. And she can read emails. And btw she has a computer! She only needs to:
(1) Go to the Court website and file a lawsuit (by filling in simple template and paying a fee)
(2) At the discovery stage, send email to Amazon requesting to disclose data of all the employees who were terminated after they lost at pivot appeal.
(3) Insert emails of all these employees into the addressee field of the email with a text: "Please file this template and join my class action lawsuit if you believe you were wrongfully terminated by Amazon"

I know, I know. My grandma also needs to survive pleadings stage, do a lot of bureaucracy and it is better for her to hire a lawyer. And for sure there are some things that I did not count here, thus this cannot be a full legal advice.

But the more important thing of grandma metaphor is as follows. The unfairness of the Amazon policies is so obvious. Thus to win class action against Amazon is much easy than against any other average regular company.

When I was a kid, my grandma fed me with delicious meals. That's why she supports my fight in everything except of hunger strike.

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