Friday, May 10, 2019

We report outrageous retaliation by Amazon to ethics hotline

Start of the story is here
Today we called Amazon Ethics Hotline at 877 781 2416.

Here is the short contents of Ismaila's complaint to the Amazon ethics hotline:

I made a complaint to the management and HR about national (race) discrimination (which is illegal). The training was performed with the discrimination based on race because they restricted national (race) language: arabic instead of french.

As a result of this and another complaints, I was retaliated. I was bullied and my wife who works with me was bullied. Manager knew that she is pregnant. But he retaliated my complaints and bullied my wife and assigned her much more job.

Management was informed that my wife was pregnant and she had difficulty with pregnancy. Despite on that, Amazon cancelled medical insurance for my wife as a retaliation.

My wife was not be able to get emergency medical help because Amazon cancelled her insurance. And she lost the baby.

After that Amazon continued to retaliate. Amazon refused to help to my wife with treatment after she lost the baby.

I complained to HR and HR denied to investigate.

Then Amazon continued to retaliate. They wrongfully terminated me and refused to pay the remaining salary.

And here is additional information that Ismaila shared, but which was not mentioned in the call:

Please see additional information about the hostile work environment that we met at Amazon. This was the result of retaliation by Amazon for complaint about illegal inhuman company practices.  As I mentioned earlier to ethics line representative, after my wife's surgery and the death of our baby, Amazon gave no vacation to my wife. 

After the 30 days given to her by her doctor, she had to restart working without proper treatment. At that time Amazon proposed an option of "work at home" for all the customer service employees. We applied for this option due to my wife's health. Amazon denied to provide this option for us with no good cause. At the same time, other employees were allowed to work from home.

By that time the Amazon transportation for employees did not cover the area where we were living. That means, denial to allow us to work from home resulted in extraordinary hardship for us.

We used one car to drive together to Amazon facilities. Thus, we could not afford to work on different time schedules. Amazon set up different schedules for us and denied to adjust schedule of my wife (who suffered surgery after child died). All the other married employees were allowed to change their schedules at our site Rba1.

When denying our requests, management knew about our situation. But they continued to discriminate and retaliate.

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