Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Now we have 2 small armies

These are armies of volunteers who kindly agreed to help me.

First army is couple of engineers (not including me). I was never modest. But even just one engineer is an army himself, look at me. Definitely, 2 engineers are the army also. They will work on mobile app for unionizing employees. Unfortunately, achieving full independence by peer to peer exchange is not possible here. Thus, standard firebase will be used. If anybody has original ideas for the app - please send to my Facebook. We don't need tech help. But we need ideas rather on the side of interface and social utility. The questions are:
- How can the union power (especially strikes) be realized online?
- How can the union power be realized regardless of the location? Online app means independence from the offline office or fulfillment center site. While offline unions are usually (as far as I understand) organized and restricted locally.

The second army is the video editor and scenario writer. That is for the full time documentary movie about Amazon. We have more than enough footage. But we have less than enough original ideas. Creativity for the movie ideas is not restricted. If you think you know how the movie should look like, give me an idea tip at my Facebook, and your name will be in movie captions forever.

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