Monday, May 27, 2019

How Amazon complains to the Court about my protest

Amazon lawyers make absurd complaint about my picketing

This happened couple of months ago. I was overwhelmed, thus I publish this only now.
I tried to start a litigation against Amazon due to its outrageous actions against employees.
I asked the Court for reimbursement of medical expenses and changing the Amazon policies.
During the litigation, I asked for a relief from the deadline.
In its response, Amazon lawyers complained to the Court about my protests:

Well, you can say: Oleg, it is a litigation and this is lawyer's response. It is a job of the company's lawyer to protect the company against enemies (i. e. against employees).

Amazon lawyer covers illegal company

That is partially correct. However, the job of the lawyer is to know the law and to apply the law.
That's why Amazon can pay to its lawyers about $1000 an hour. This is more than 50 times higher than paycheck to its warehouse associates.

The thing about Amazon is: Amazon violated to many laws, so the company cannot defend itself by the law. If I complain about Amazon, Amazon cannot find a law to protect the company. Thus, the company lawyers have only one way to protect the business: to use dirty means, go dirty ways.

That's why the lawyer complains about my absolutely legal picketing. This lawyer is paid $1000 an hour, but the lawyer does not include in his motion any law in support of his claim about my picketing! Because he has no law in support! Because the lawyer knows his claim has no merits.

It is not a surprise the Court rules against this lawyer:

Well, you can say: "Oleg, it is not a bad company. They just delegated legal proceedings to the legal firm. Maybe it is not a bad company, it is just a bad lawyer?"

Amazon hires everybody to persecute its employees

Unfortunately not. Even if a lawyer made such a mistakes, he/she acted on behalf of the company. Bad lawyer cannot be paid $1000 an hour.

Lawyer's creativity is bounded by the company's order. We can see the strong trend of delegation:
- Amazon delegated litigation to the legal firm. Then the legal firm makes absurd (knowingly senseless) complaints about the employee's picketing. Instead of sitting in the library with the law volumes, Amazon lawyer is monitoring social networks of the company's employees!
- Amazon delegated security of the building. Then the security guard illegally blocks the picketing.
- Amazon delegated insurance. Then the insurance company spies for injured workers.

Every time after Amazon delegates something to a contractor, the contractor starts unfairly and often illegally acting against Amazon employees. Maybe it is not a contractor who is bad? Maybe it is Amazon who is bad and defective?

Bezos is fighting for his life and for his wealth

However, I need to admit: it is reasonable for Amazon to pay to this lawyer. Yes, this lawyer costs like 50 warehouse workers. But often these lawyers save the company from multi-million penalties and verdicts. It is better to pay thousands to the lawyer rather than pay millions in lawsuit penalties.

Moreover, Amazon is forced to pay to these lawyers. This is simply because the company committed too many outrageous violations of the law. And if justice comes, all the billions of Jeff Bezos will not be enough to give a relief to the claims of all the employees who suffered in this illegal company. That's why Amazon pays to the lawyers. Not just because they want to pay. They are forced to pay. On a paper Jeff Bezos is a billionaire. But if justice comes, he is a pauper.

That's why Amazon HR investigations are false. That's why the company does not admit the fault even if the evidence is clear. They are afraid. Bezos is coward. He knows the company is inhuman. But if he admits it, thousands of employees will make a flood of complaints and lawsuits pushing Amazon to the bankruptcy. Bezos is just fighting for his wealth.

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